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Side Sleeping Knee Pillow-JYM044



Model Number JYM044 Product Net Weight 400g
Product Specification 35*25*14cm Hardness 16 – Medium Soft
Outer Cover Pure Breathable Cotton Color Gray
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing Compress Bag, or Opp Bag




Unlock Comfort with Our Memory Foam Knee Pillow JYM044!
Are you searching for the best knee pillow factory as well as the perfect pillow core manufacturer? Do not look further! Our high-end Memory foam knee cushion is a game changer. It is designed with care and precision It combines the accurate of both worlds: comfort as well as support.
Curved design for thigh Comfort: The knee pillow has a distinctive curvature that is perfectly aligned to the natural curvature of your thigh. Get rid of sleepless evenings and get up rejuvenated!
Skin-friendly Soft Fabric: We recognize the importance of comfort for your skin. This is why our knee pillows are made of soft, gentle fabric that’s gentle on your skin. Don’t doubt about scratchy pain!
Design and practicality: This knee pillow stands out the rest of the pack. Its elegant design and practical design make it the top option for those who sleep on their sides. It’s also gaining traction across major platforms that cross borders like Amazon.
Best selling: Join the thousands of happy customers who have found the ultimate relaxation with our memory foam knee cushion. If you’re recovering from a traumatic injury, dealing with discomfort, or looking to sleep better the knee pillow will provide.
Invest in quality. Put your money into comfort. Buy a memory foam knee cushion now!

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Gray, Black

Our Benefits:

1.ORTHOPEDIC LEG PILLOW HELP REDUCE DISCOMFORT: Are you always uncomfortable at night for sleep with back and hip pain? The JYM Knee Pillow is the perfect choice for those looking for pain relief as the cushion comfortably supports your legs & knees to provide proper sleeping alignment & positioning to eliminate those painful pressure points. Very suitable for all posture sleepers(side, back & stomach). The innovative ergonomic support design help you to improve sleeping quality.
2.VENTILATED ERGONOMIC MEMORY KNEE PILLOW: Do you often toss and turn because you can’t find the the right knee & leg pillow that suits you?? Featured with the size of 10.63×8.5×5.5/3inches, our ergonomic pillow is perfect for all positions of sleepers. Unique leg shape design, give your legs or knee proper support and cooling whole night sleep. Try them out and experience the ultimate in comfort and support.
3.SKIN-FRIENDLY PILLOWCASE & ELASTIC STRAP: Sleep comfortably all night long. The Knee Pillow comes with an easily removable & washable pillow cover, skin-friendly & breathable for your good sleep. Our hip pillow for side sleepers also comes with a high-quality zipper that won’t break or wear down in the wash. Unlike other knee and hip pillows, our pillow comes with an elastic strap to keep the pillow stay in place when you sleep or rest.
4.SLOW REBOUND SAFE MATERIAL: The premium quality visco-Elastic memory foam is firm and not too soft for maximum comfort and great relaxation of your hips, joint, back, legs, knees and ankle. In addition, you can take it as a lumbar pillow to relax you wrist. The leg pillow will rebound within 3 seconds when no press, non-deformation for 4 year or more.

Suit For:

1. Under a leg: It’s made to benefit keep the proper space and align between legs, which reduces tension on the legs and lower back while providing the most comfortable sleep. If one leg is placed under the pillow for the leg, it improves blood circulation between the legs and relieves tension and muscle fatigue in the leg muscles.
2. Under an ankle: If one’s ankle is positioned beneath the leg pinch pillow this helps keep an ankle relaxed posture, preventing excessive valgus and inversion and lessening the risk of ankle injuries. Additionally it eases the pressure on the ankle and offers the ankle with a cushion that provides comfort.
3. For side sleepers: Clip pillows provide relief by maintaining proper alignment between spine, legs and hips to alleviate tension on joints and spine; thus minimizing neck, back and hip discomfort that side sleepers might otherwise endure. Furthermore, leg pinch pillows offer added support by keeping legs from colliding against one another or colliding into ankles/knees causing potential collisions that lead to discomfort between legs or discomfort between ankles/knees resulting from collisions preventing collisions from ankles/knees thus further alleviating neck back/back and hip discomfort for side sleeping side sleeping side sleeping sufferers alike!
4. Between Knees: The primary function of leg pinch pillows between knees is to provide additional assistance and support to hips and knees, particularly those suffering from regular joint issues or who experience knee pain. Both knees were then put onto leg gripper cushions which maintain appropriate angles for their hips and knees while relieving tension from joints, relieving any potential discomfort which might develop due to joint pressure on joints – this may help alleviate pain in either area and offer much-needed comfort to these individuals.
5. Between Legs: The aim of placing a leg cushion between legs is to increase support and comfort, as well as help maintain normal space and alignment of thighs. Doing this reduces friction that could otherwise occur between knees, which could potentially cause irritation to skin or cause scrapes to the kneecaps; furthermore a leg pinch pillow could aid with maintaining normal hip posture, thus alleviating tension or pressure within hip joints.


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