Customize your memory foam products:

oem & odm are available.

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Memory Foam Customization

Fabric Customization:

Crystel super soft
3D Mesh
4D Large Hole Mesh
Twill Polyester
Birdseye polyester
Diamond Mesh
Cationic Fabric
Waterproof PVC
Bamboo Fiber Air Layer

Weaving Label Customization:

Woven Mark (Loanword)
Offset printing
wash marks
glue lable

Packaging Customization:

OPP Transparent Bag
Vacuum Compression Bag
Zipper PVC bag
Thermoplastic Packaging
Vacuum compression + roll
PVC Non-woven Handbag
Drawstring Bag
Color box/white box/ kraft paper box
Business Card
Product Brochure

Production Process of Memory Foam Products

Memory Foam Production:

According to customer requirements, technicians will make a formula, putting polyurethane, water, catalyst, foaming agent and other raw materials mixed, and pour them into aspecial shape of aluminum alloy foam mold. At this time, the raw material will undergo a chemical reaction to produce a large number of bubbles, forming afoaming memory cotton. Then the workers will take it out of the mold, and cut, trim, test, etc., so as to get a standard memory foam.

1. Forge material

2. Fermentation

3. Product out of mold

6. Store

5. Packing

4. Trimming

Pillowcase production:

In the sewing workshop, according to the product cover design workers cut fabrics of different colors and materials and sew them. After trim and inspection,we can get a qualified pillowcase.

1. Make a print

2. Crop

3. Tailor

5. Vacuuming

4. Threading trimming


In the assembling workshop, workers combine the memory foam with the pillowcase, which is compressed and crimpedby a special machine and loaded into a storage bag. Then labeling, sealing, palletizing and so on. Finally they will be sended to the warehouse ready for shipment.

1. Harness

2. Compresses

3. Packaging labeling

6. Labeling

5. Boxing

4. Qualification Inspection

7. Warehousing

8. Shipment