High-quality materials
scientfically proportoned
Innovative design
Beautiful packaging
Sufficient supply
of goods
Fast delivery


Smell Bad
Contain Harmful Chemicals
Zero Formaldehyde. Pass the SGS-Rohs Certification
Out of Shade
No Deformation & No Collapse. Last For Ten Years
Not Enough Budget or Time
Original Manufacturer & Floor price. Fast Production

Our company specializes in memory foam products and provides comprehensive solutions to some of the pain points that exist in the market. First, we are committed to solving the problem of poor product odor, and through our technology we have achieved completely odorless memory foam products. Secondly, we use zero formaldehyde materials, certified by SGS-Rohs, to ensure that our memory foam products do not contain harmful chemicals. In addition, our memory foam products are rigorously engineered to be less prone to warping or collapsing and to last for more than a decade. As the original manufacturer, we offer flooring prices that ensure a cost-controlled product. At the same time, our production and delivery speeds are fast enough to meet our customers’ tight deadlines.

What advantages do we have

Raw material:

About the raw materials,we use memory foam. With the scientific raw material ratio, our product quality is more stable, more environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless without bad odor. The memory foam molecule is more stable. So the cellwall is more elastic, and it has the characteristics of anti-aging, anti-compression and long service life.


We can assist customers to design the appearance, packaging and others of the product.


We can design the most suitable packaging for shipment. Our packaging is beautiful and durable. We can use compressors to minimize the size of the packaging for shipment, thus saving transportation costs for customers.


Sample:We will choose FEDEX,DHL,UPS and other delivery companies to deliver our sample. So we can complete the sample confirmation quickly.Sample costs can be free(exempted in the official order)
Large quantity shipment:
We have long-term cooperation with high-quality freight forwarders which can save a lot of freight and shorten
the transportation time for customers.

Compare with peers

In Zhejiang Nantong: Lower price and lower quality. Although they can produce the shape of product, but there is no comfort.
In Shenzhen or Dongguan: Higher price but the quality is ordinary. Their product is not practical with a lower satisfaction.
Us: Our product is cost-effective with high quality.By constantly developing our new products, our clients have get a new business opportunity. We also have perfect sales service, you needn't worry about the after-sales.