Foshan JYM Technology Co., LTD. (JYM Pillow) was founded in 2016, specializing in the design and production of memory foam products. JYM specializes in creating memory foam products in the fields of health, environmental protection, comfort, and VOC free, such as car travel, office learning, home leisure, and maternal and child care. The main products of JYM are memory foam pillow, seat cushion, cushion, travel neck pillow, car head pillow, lumbar pillow and so on. The company is a general taxpayer, with import and export rights, products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, France and other more than 50 countries

The company's products have passed many authoritative tests:
CE, Rohs (SGS), AZO (CTS)

JYM continues to expand product styles, with a number of appearance patents and utility model patents. CFC all-water foaming technology is in the leading position in the industry, known for high quality, comfort and odorless.

Convenient Transportation

JYM islocated in Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City,
Guangdong Province, 40km from Huangpu Port, 165km from
Shenzhen Yantian Port, 18km from Guangzhou Railway Station,
and 5 minutes by car from Shenhai Expressway exit.

Efficient and Fast Shipping

At present, JYM has 3 polyurethane foaming lines, 2 sewing processing centers, and more than 2,000 square meters of storage space. The company uses advanced ERP management system in production, sales, warehousing and other links. Efficient production allows us to have faster delivery times, allowing customers to get their goods in a shorter time.

foaming lines

Processing centers

ERP Management

We will go all out to pursue the goal of excellence and
wholeheartedly provide quality service for every customer!


The structure of memory foam is an open cellular structure. It has the characteristics of temperature and pressure reduction. At that time, the American HEALTHMAN company applied this material to the space shuttle, creating a comfortable working and living environment for astronauts. The main purpose of developing this material is to relieve the stress on the astronauts and protect the spine of the astronauts, especially during the shuttle return and departure from the ground. Memory foam and GPS (GlobalSatellite Positioning System) are called the two major inventions of space technology. The biggest science in the 21st century will be life science, and space science and technology have made great contributions to the research of human life science. In the early 1990s, the Swedish Fagerdala company once again developed memory foam for civilian (medical) products, the first in the medical emergency, monitoring system has been widely promoted and applied. Subsequently, the application of memory foam gradually spread in the fields of car travel, office learning, home leisure, maternal and child care. Today, we are fortunate enough to enjoy the treatment of former astronauts.


At present, there are many manufacturers of memory foam in China. The quality of all kinds of memory foam produced is mixed.Inexpensive memory foam often uses banned formulations, odor is full, endangering human health. The domestic market needs healthy, environmentally friendly, comfortable and non-toxic harmless no smell of high-end memory foam products! Most of the manufacturers and traders of memory foam products emphasize that their products are astronaut special, slow rebound, cheap,ergonomic. However, users who have come into contact with cheap memory foam products have a pain: an unclear odor permeates for several days, and there is a fear in the heart that this taste will not damage health in the end? How can I buy a safe product? In order to produce this product well, we have to solve not only one purchase, but two, produce health, environmental protection, comfortable and no smell (VOC free) memory foam products! Whether it is our own brand, or OEM or foreign trade export orders, we are in line with strict quality standards, and constantly improve our products, to provide the world with a safe, comfortableand cost-effective memory foam products.