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Memory Foam Kids Sleeping Pillows -JYM017

Model NumberJYM017Product Net Weight380g
Product Specification51x25x3cmHardness16, Medium Soft
Outer Cover100% CottonColorLight Blue, Pink, Yellow
Core MaterialVisco-Elastic Memory FoamPackingOpp Bag&Color Box




JYM017 Children’s memory foam pillow: protect the healthy growth of children
In every night of children’s growth, JYM017 children’s memory foam Sleeping Pillows carries our wishes for their healthy growth. Designed for children, this pillow not only focuses on sleep quality, but also cares about the healthy development of the child’s head shape.
Memory foam with a slow rebound inner core: The slow rebound memory foam adjusts into the form of a child’s neck and head offering a firm and even support, while helping to maintain and keep the perfect circular head shape.
Design of the groove: This in the middle not just aids in correcting the shape of the head and shape, but also guarantees the quality and comfort of the pillow so that the child can have an uninterrupted sleep at night.
Pure cotton fabric: The use of sweat-absorbing, breathable and pure cotton material to assure the softness of the Sleeping Pillows as well as good breathability, ensuring that kids are dry and comfortable throughout the night.
Gorgeous workmanship and gorgeous design: This pillow has gorgeously constructed and has a stunning appearance with a range of colors like light pink, blue and light yellow to match the needs of children of various ages.
Affordable size: the pillow’s dimensions are 51x25x3cm. It is appropriate for kids, whether at home or on the move it will focus on providing the accurate sleep partner for children.
Choosing JYM017 children’s memory foam pillow is to invest in children’s healthy growth and quality sleep. Experience it now and let your child’s day start with a good night’s sleep!

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Yellow, Light Blue, Pink

Our Benefits:

1.Fill:100% ventilated memory foam core
2.Great Pillow for Sleeping: This baby toddler pillow intended for toddlers above 1 years old is a great pillow that toddlers who don’t really have experience using a pillow. Biloban designs this fluff and wide enough pillow is that the perfect softness so your little one isn’t raise up too high but gives them enough of lift.
3.Scientific Height: Size for baby toddler pillow 13 X 18 inch, About thickness, front side stuffed: 2.5″ and behind side stuffed: 1.9″. After pressing the thickness is 1″. Baby toddler pillow with the right amount of filling to support toddler.
4.Soft and Safe: Baby toddler pillow with pillowcase is made of 100% super-soft cotton shell and poly cluster fiber filling, its safe for baby’s face.
5.Washable and Easycare: Neatly stitched for year-round durability for baby toddler pillow that baby will be comfier and cozy.
6.OEKO-TEX TESTED FOR SAFETY: OEKO_TEX tests textile for over 1000 chemicals to ensure moms safety.
7.ROHS Tested: The memory foam pillow core passes Rohs test in SGS lab.

Suit For

1.Kids at Home: Our Kid Sleeping Pillow fulfills diverse functions to warrant your child’s rest at home, such as providing comfort and support, as well as promoting proper sleeping positions, decreasing the number of pillows as well as relieving neck pain in addition to being appropriate for various sleeping positions. These advantages could benefit children to have a better and more healthy night’s sleep and encourage their development and growth!
2.Primary Student Dormitory: The main functions that our Kids Sleeping Pillows for primary school dormitories are to promote an unwinding sleep, helping keep a healthy sleeping posture as well as easing academic stress as well as improving efficiency in learning and encouraging healthy growth. These benefits could help in providing an optimal sleep environment for elementary school pupils, enabling them maintain their overall health throughout their studies and develop.
3.Afternoon Nap: The Kid’s Sleeping Pillow plays crucial functions for afternoon napping that include providing assistance and comfort, encouraging restful sleep, ensuring good posture during sleep, improving the quality of sleep, and encouraging mental and physical recovery. These results focus on providing an inviting environment that children can nap in, which allows to relax and recuperate within a short amount of time!
4.School Nap Pillow: Our Kid Sleeping Pillow serves significant functions for school naps which include the comfort of a pillow, as well as promoting the relaxation of sleep, ensuring good posture during sleep, improving the quality of sleep, and increasing learning efficiency. These roles could add an enjoyable and relaxing environment for your child and help them feel well refreshed and rested throughout their school naps.


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