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JYM Classical Corrugated Pillow, JYM001T



Model NumberJYM001T, JYM001KProduct Net Weight700g / 1300g
Product Specification50*30*8/11cm, 60*40*10/13cmHardness15 Standard Soft, 20 Standard Firm
Outer Cover35% Cotton 65% Polyester; Cationic FabricColorWhite, Gray, Blue, Black
Core MaterialVisco-Elastic Memory FoamPackingA vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag; transparent opp bag; color box




Explore the JYM001 memory foam pillow series and feel the perfect combination of classic and innovation. Since the 1870s, our contour pillow styles have been the first choice for home living thanks to their ergonomic design. The JYM001T Classical Corrugated Pillow is a small pillow version, is specially tailored for children and teenagers, and its portability also makes it an ideal pillow choice for camping and traveling. The JYM001K ia a large memory foam corrugated pillow, provides perfect support for adults and family environments.

Our pillow core is softness and hardness adjustable, providing medium soft and medium hard two options to meet the needs of different groups of people. Each JYM001 pillow has a high-quality memory foam inner core that fits around your head and neck for optimal support and comfort. The pillow case design is new and unique, not only to bring health to your sleep, but also to add a touch of fashion to your bedroom.

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Blue, Gray, Black, White

Our Benefits

1.Contour Design: Two heights 4.2 inches (the higher side) and 3.4 inches (the lower side).
2.Ergonomic Design: This pillow is designed for various sleep positions like side sleep, supine sleep and back sleep because its curve fit supports your head, neck and shoulder perfectly.
3.Ventilated Design: The pillow core can be manufacturer with breathable honeycomb holes, which can maximize the air circulation and make the sleep cool and comfortable.
4.Washable Pillowcase & Breathable Pillow: This pillow for sleeping comes with soft pillowcase, which is made of soft comfortable fabric and mesh sides, removable and machine-washed. Besides, the contour neck pillow features excellent moisture absorption performance and breathability, remaining consistent firmness all the year.
5.Four Available Heights for Any Sleep Style: Memory foam pillow is with size: 50*30*8/11cm, 60*40*10/13cm. There are two available neck support heights to support your neck and head. The ergonomic and supportive pillow for neck pain is designed for multiple sleeping positions, such as side sleeping, supine, stomach sleeping, back sleeping and low pillow sleepers etc.

Suit For

1. Side Sleeping: Our pillow was specifically created to offer maximum support and comfort to those who sleep on their sides, in hopes of decreasing pressure on the head, face, and neck as well as ensuring normal body alignment for a more restful night’s rest.
2.Supine: Our pillow was specifically designed to provide additional comfort and support for those sleeping supine, maintaining natural alignment of head neck, spine and lungs; alleviating pressure and discomfort while increasing breathing capabilities and providing for a more restful night’s rest for those supine sleepers.
3. Stomach Sleeping: While prone sleeping can be detrimental to spinal health and neck support, our pillows have been specifically designed to ease any associated discomfort while providing support and comfort during their time spent prone. By doing so, they aim to enhance sleep experience for those who wish to do this type of sleeping position.
4.Back Sleeping: With this pillow designed specifically to provide support and comfort to supine sleepers, we aim to maintain their natural position of head, spine and neck alignment; minimize pressure or discomfort caused by sleeping this way; promote breathing through increase; as well as provide more peaceful and restful nights sleep for them.
5.Travelers: We’ve created this sleep pillow to favor travelers with a mobile sleeper that is comfortable and a versatile solution that lets you get a restful night’s sleep wherever you go, and get the most out of your travel experience.
6.Campers: We created this pillow for you to favor camping enthusiasts with a mobile sleeper that is comfortable and a versatile solution to get a good night’s rest while camping in the wild and enjoying the natural beauty.


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