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Truck Seat Cushion-QFC066C

Model Number QFC066C Product Net Weight 820g
Product Specification 45x46x12cm Hardness 22 – Firm
Outer Cover Breather Polyester Fabric Color Black
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag or transparent opp bag




QFC066C Donut hemorrhoidal memory Cushion: Comfortable buttocks, health protection!
As a memory foam cushion factory, we are proud to introduce the QFC066C, an upgradation version of classical donut cushion – a new Truck Seat Cushion donut hemorrhoid cushion for mid-2023 that incorporates the perfect design for butt function. Let’s dive into what makes it unique:
Support surface expansion:
QFC066B: The support surface of the product has been expanded to solve the problem of narrow support surface of QFC066. Suitable for users seeking better sitting support.
QFC066C: A smaller version of the QFC066B, designed for petite users to provide options.
High-quality visco elastic memory foam: Our cushion cores are constructed of premium visco-elastic memory foam that is constructed into the same piece in order to assure maximum comfort and long-lasting durability.
Different types of fabric customization: Sellers and buyers can tailor a different fabrics compatible to their requirements for example, three-dimensional mesh fabrics, flannery material and cationic fabrics and swimsuit fabrics, among others. Whatever fabric you like we can accommodate your demands.
Rubber non-slip bottom: The QFC066C comes with a non-slip rubber bottom to ensure that the seat is always secure. It provides consistent support whether you’re relaxing on a long car ride, at work or at home.
Expansion tape and plastic clasp: You can choose to wear expansion tape and plastic clasp to better secure the seat.
The best cost performance, non-destructive quality: QFC066C is not only a cushion, but also a commitment to your health.

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Black, Off White

Our Benefits:

1.UNIVERSAL USE BUT ESPECIALLY FOR TRUCK DRIVERS: QFC066C truck driver seat cushion, exclusively engineered for mighty truckers. Crafted with medium-firm memory foam, it’s your remedy for conquering back and pain relief on the road. Perfect for tackling persistent back pain and irritating numbness, these cushions for truck seats are fit for the bosses of the trucking world, with the right blend that is firm enough to alleviate pressure, yet plush enough for a comfortable ride.
2.All-in-one High Density Memory Foam Cushion – JYM’s QFC066C seat cushion all-in-one features are unrivaled: Non-slip rubber bottom, built-in handle for easy transport and machine-washable zippered velour cover for easy cleaning. Made with quality visco-elastic memory foam.
3.AIRY & LIGHTWEIGHT: Our cushion features a central hollow that promotes airflow. it effectively wicks away sweat and resists odors even in hot weather.
4.Non-Slip Bottom Design:Black color on bottom, non-slip bottom design with silicone gel granule surface, it can be staying on the seat without sliding easily, plus there is a retractable buckle design fixed firmly with the seat to keep the mat stable and not slip when driving.
5.INVISBLE ZIPPER SEAT CUSHION CASE: The truck seat cushion come with an invisible zipper that allows you to easily remove the cover for machine washing and maintain the seat cushion’s cleanliness and hygiene.

Suit For:

1.Truckers, bus/taxi drivers: The cushions on the seats of trucks play a crucial part in providing a comfortable and supportive assistance, enhancing driving posture, decreasing vibration increasing ventilation and breathability and increasing stability that is crucial for enhancing the safety of drivers, comfort and health of the driver.
2.Car Seat: The function of the car seat cushions inside the car is to prepare comfort and support. They increase the posture of a seat, decrease tension, rise ventilation and breathability and benefit to secure the seat to ensure safety and comfort.
3.Airplane: The function of cushions in an aircraft is to give comfort and support to rise sitting posture, lessen the pressure on your body, boost ventilation and breathability and increase comfort during travel. Selecting the best cushion for your seat is crucial during long flights to ease the discomfort of flying, increase comfort and make your journey more enjoyable!
4.Wheelchairs: The function of wheelchair cushion for wheelchairs is to prepare comfort and support. They also increase the posture of the user, decrease stress, boost ventilation and breathability and boost mobility. Selecting the best seat cushion is essential for the health and comfort of the wheelchair user. decreasing pain in the body, preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing living quality for the person with it.
5.Office: The function of office seat cushions at working environments are for them to offer additional assistance and comfort boost the posture of a person sitting, decrease tension, increase ventilation and breathability and benefit improve health, work ease and productivity. The selection of the ideal chair cushion for your office is essential for workers who work in chairs for prolonged durations of time, to minimize discomfort and ensure their health.
6.Sporting Events: The function of the seat cushions during sports events are to prepare an incredibly comfortable and supportive environment, rise seating posture, lessen stress, boost comfort and enhance the enjoyment of watching. Selecting the correct cushion for your seat is essential for those who sit enough time watching sporting events in order to boost their satisfaction and enjoyment of the sport.
7.Pregnancy: The purpose of cushions during pregnancy can prepare the comfort as well as support. They increase sitting posture, lessen the pressure on your body, rise ventilation and airflow and rise blood circulation. Selecting the best seat cushion is crucial to the health and comfort of women who are pregnant, decreasing discomfort, easing pressure on the body, and giving support to ensure the comfort of pregnant women.


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