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2024 Newest Memory Foam Cushion: QFC096

Model NumberQFC096Product Net Weight900g
Product Specification44*37*6cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverPolyester FiberColorGreen, Pink, Gray
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingOPP Bag


We are delighted to unveil a Memory Foam Cushion that is innovatively designed, designed to increase the comfort and provide support. Here are the main highlights:
1.A raised designs on the sides, wraps between the hips: The cushion is designed with a raised pattern on both sides. It will more efficaciously wrap around the hips to focus on providing the user with a stable and secure support, energetically prevent sliding, and rise the security and comfort of the ride.
2.The raised rear design to support lumbar vertebrae and relieve fatigue: The rear part of the Memory Foam Cushion has been created in a rounded shape that can definitely assist the lumbar vertebrae. It can benefit to maintain a healthy posture for sitting, lessen the pain and fatigue that is caused by sitting for long periods of time, and increase the overall ease of sitting.
3.Fabric that is breathable and wear-resistant: A high-end, breathable and wear-resistant fabric is employed in order to assure your cushion will retain its good airflow in any climate, not becoming stuffy and tough, yet easily damaged and worn for long-term use, offering the longest-lasting comfort.
4.Hollow Design: The hollow shape at the center of the cushion energetically enhances air circulation, alleviating the discomfort that comes from sitting for a long period and reduces tension on the tailbone and provides a more comfortable sitting experience.
The cushion is not just focused on comfort and ergonomics when it comes to its appearance, but guarantees breathability and durability with the materials it chooses to use. If you’re working from your home, driving or just sitting for a long period of time to enjoy enjoyment or leisure It offers the excellent support and comfort available to benefit you stay clear from any problems caused by sitting. Select our cushions and ensure that every sit is a pleasant experience.

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Gray, Green, Pink

Our Benefits:

We are pleased to present an innovative cushion of high-quality that is designed to give our customers with the highest level in support and comfort. The main advantages from our pillow:
1.High-Quality Memory Foam Core: The cushion we offer is constructed of high-quality memory foam for outstanding durability and support. Memory foam adjusts automatically its shape compatible to your body’s shape and location, ensuring a customized support, and making sure it will not deform easily for long periods of time, providing an extended and comfortable experience.
2.Comfortable: This cushion has been created with ergonomics as a goal to grant the excellent support and comfort. Both sides of the design cover the buttocks. the back of the design definitely assists the lumbar vertebrae. Additionally, the hollow design promotes air circulation, which reduces the stress when sitting for an extended duration, and provides with all-round comfort.
3.Many colors to choose from To meet the needs of each clients: We offer additional an array of trendy colors to choose from. If it’s a simple black, elegant gray or lively red, there’s always the perfect color to match your style and surroundings.
4.The cushions are removable and washable: The cushions are made to be washable and removable which allows you to keep your cushions clean and tidy in all times. The jacket is easy to remove and machine washable, making your cushion looking as good as fresh and providing a healthier experience.

The cushion is not just superior in terms of material and design however, it also offers convenience in its use. If you are together it in the workplace, on the road or even at home it will serve the ultimate comfort. Select our premium cushions and make every sit down a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Suit For:

1.Office Chairs: The function of office seat cushions at working environments are for them to offer additional assistance and comfort boost the posture of a person sitting, decrease tension, increase ventilation and breathability and benefit improve health, work ease and productivity. The selection of the ideal chair cushion for your office is essential for workers who work in chairs for prolonged durations of time, to minimize discomfort and ensure their health
2.Car Seats: The function of the car seat cushions inside the car is to prepare comfort and support. They increase the posture of a seat, decrease tension, rise ventilation and breathability and benefit to secure the seat to ensure safety and comfort.
3.Wheelchairs: The function of wheelchair cushion for wheelchairs is to prepare comfort and support. They also increase the posture of the user, decrease stress, boost ventilation and breathability and boost mobility. Selecting the best seat cushion is essential for the health and comfort of the wheelchair user. decreasing pain in the body, preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing living quality for the person with it.
4.Gaming: The purpose of a gaming chair’s seat cushion for the usage of a Gaming chair’s purpose is to grant comfort and support, boost sitting posture, decrease the pressure on your body, rise ventilation and enhance the experience of gaming. The selection of the best seat cushion is essential to the gaming experience and comfort of players, decreasing the discomfort, enhancing concentration and making gaming more enjoyable for gamers
5.Dining Chairs: The purpose of cushions for seats on chairs and tables are to impart the user with a comfortable and supportive environment, increase the posture of sitting, increase the experience, enhance aesthetics and also protect the chair. The selection of the best cushion for your seat is crucial to warrant comfort at the table and a beautiful home decor. They will boost the dining experience and provide the experience to its the guests.


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