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Car Coccyx Seat Cushion Pad-QFC040

Model Number QFC040 Product Net Weight 750g
Product Specification 35*25*14cm Hardness 22 Firm
Outer Cover 4D Big Hole Breathable Mesh Fabric Color Black, Gray
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag or transparent opp bag



Product Name: QFC040 U-type Car Coccyx Seat Cushion Pad
Description QFC040 U Car Coccyx Seat Cushion Pad QFC040 U-Coccyx Coccyx Cushion for Seats an elegantly made car heightening cushion specifically designed to help in providing comfort for the driver and improved eye sight. These are the key features of this product:
Design with a low-front and high back triangular triangle: The cushion pad has an lower front as well as a high-back triangle designs that enhances the driver’s line of sight however, it additionally definitely solves the issue of the car seat slipping behind.
Create a range of custom-made fabrics: Customers and sellers can pick different materials alike on their personal preferences as well as requirements for example, the 4D mesh cloth, flannelette and more. So, your customers can design cushion alike to the seasons and their personal preferences.
Rubber bottom with non-slip bottom: top part of the cushion composed from rubber in order to warrant that it won’t slide or shift when driving.
Plastic fasteners and expansion belt: The seat is fitted with an expansion belt and plastic fasteners to make it easy to attach on the vehicle seat, and to ensure stability.
Service for OEM: We provide OEM service that allows you to include your logo on the cushion to boost the visibility of your brand.
Size: 47x42x2.5/7cm
Color: Grey/black
Stuffing The material is 100% memory foam
It doesn’t matter if it’s an extended drive or everyday commute whether you are driving for a long time or just a commute, it is the QFC040 U-Car Coccyx Chair Cushion Pad gives you an enjoyable experience as well as a good view for the driver. We are glad to receive your order!

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Gray, Black

Our Benefits:

1.Memory foam car seat cushion: Enhance your driving experience with these 100 percent premium memory foam car seat cushions for driving, specifically designed to offer additional padding, enhancing your car seat comfort
2.Chair seat cushion for tailbone support: Equipped with a unique “U” shaped cutout, this memory foam chair cushion protects your tailbone, minimizing discomfort and making it the ultimate car seat cushions for driving
3.The perfect car seat cushions for short drivers: Boasting a 3″ thickness, our memory foam cushion remarkably improves your viewing angle by providing extra height, especially beneficial for short drivers
4.Car pillow for driving seat comfort: Say goodbye to back, hip, and leg pain during long drives with this car pillow for driving seat. The special memory foam cushion in our effectively supports these areas, decreasing pressure and drastically enhancing comfort even as a truck seat cushion
5.Safe and certified car cushions for driving: Our memory foam car seat pillow is STANDARD 100 certified by OEKO-TEX, ensuring all components are safe for human health. Note: Its non-slip rubber bottom may stain light-colored leather/vinyl
6.Non-slip Backing + Fixing Belt. Breathable and dustproof mesh fabric, easy to remove and clean (coat can be machine washed, not dry)

Suit For:

1.Car Chairs: The cushion serves many roles within the car seat, enhancing the comfort of passengers, add support as well as protect the seat heating and beautifying the interior of the car, creating an enjoyable and comfortable driving experience for both drivers and passengers.
2.Office Chairs: This cushion performs different functions in office chairs, enhancing comfort, support as well as protect the chair cooling and reducing fatigue, thereby creating a more well-being and a healthier working workplace for office workers.
3.Home Chairs: The cushion serves numerous functions in improving the comfort of the chair, enhancing its decorative value and also protects the chair providing height and versatility in chairs at home, providing an extra comfortable, warm and convenient life


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