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Donut Thigh Pressure Relief Seat Pad-QFC077

Model NumberQFC077Product Net Weight820g
Product Specification47*47*13cmHardness22 – Firm
Outer CoverBreather Polyester FabricColorBlack
Core MaterialVisco-Elastic Memory FoamPackingA vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag or transparent opp bag



As a memory foam cushion factory, we are proud to introduce the QFC077 (Thigh Pressure Relief Seat Pad) – a Donut hemorrhoid cushion for mid-2023 that incorporates the perfect design for butt function. Let’s dive into what makes it unique:

  1. Donut shape: QFC077 Pressure Relief Seat Pad is inspired by donut shape, which is not only practical, but also has a very good appearance level. Whether you are relaxing in the office, in the car, or at home, it provides you with comfortable support.
  2. Size number adaptation: QFC077B: It widens the supporting surface of the thigh part, effectively alleviating the problem that the legs of sedentary people are easy to feel numb.
  3. Suitable for small users: QFC077C: A smaller version of the QFC077B, designed for petite users.
  4. High quality visco-elastic memory foam: The QFC077 inner core is made of high quality visco-elastic memory foam and is formed in one piece to ensure comfort and durability.
  5. Various fabric customization: Sellers and customers can customize a variety of fabrics according to their needs, such as 3D mesh fabric, flannery fabric, cationic fabric, swimsuit fabric, etc. No matter what kind of material you prefer, we can meet your needs, and even multi-color matching.
  6. Rubber non-slip bottom: The QFC077 Pressure Relief Seat Pad comes with a non-slip rubber bottom to ensure that the seat is always secure. It provides consistent support whether you’re relaxing on a long car ride, at work or at home.
  7. Expansion tape and plastic clasp: You can choose to wear expansion tape and plastic clasp to better secure the seat.
  8. The best cost performance, non-destructive quality: QFC077 Pressure Relief Seat Pad is not only a cushion, but also a commitment to your health. Invest in comfort and choose QFC077 – Care for your cushion.

Contact us today, we can send you more HD images, specifications selection. Tell me your custom needs, we will give you a quote within 12 hours!

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Gray, Black

Our Benefits:

1. Seat cushion case fabric: breather polyester fabric, comfortable and long life use.
2.Generous Size & Plush Comfort: Experience a 20% larger chair cushion, measuring 18.5″W x 18.5″D. It fits perfectly on office chairs, car seats, wheelchairs, gaming, computer, and dining chairs. Seat pad provides comfort and support during long hours of sitting for office or remote workers, drivers, seniors, pregnant women, and those with hemorrhoid pain
3. Promotes good sitting postrure: Ergonomic cushion promotes good posture and spinal alignment. Increases blood flow, and prevents lower back pain, muscle fatigue, and leg tightness
4.Premium memory foam supports up to 300 lb. Contoured design for tailbone, buttocks, hips, and thigh
5.Safe & Eco-Certified: Our chair pillow is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and SGS Rohs certifincated.
6.AIRY & LIGHTWEIGHT: Our cushion features a central hollow that promotes airflow. it effectively wicks away sweat and resists odors even in hot weather.
7.Non-Slip Bottom Design: black color on bottom, non-slip bottom design with silicone gel granule surface, it can be staying on the seat without sliding easily, plus there is a retractable buckle design fixed firmly with the seat to keep the mat stable and not slip when driving.
8.INVISBLE ZIPPER SEAT CUSHION CASE: The truck seat cushion come with an invisible zipper that allows you to easily remove the cover for machine washing and maintain the seat cushion’s cleanliness and hygiene.

Suit For:

1.Office Chairs: The function of office seat cushions at working environments are for them to offer additional assistance and comfort boost the posture of a person sitting, decrease tension, increase ventilation and breathability and benefit improve health, work ease and productivity. The selection of the ideal chair cushion for your office is essential for workers who work in chairs for prolonged durations of time, to minimize discomfort and ensure their health
2.Car Seats: The function of the car seat cushions inside the car is to prepare comfort and support. They increase the posture of a seat, decrease tension, rise ventilation and breathability and benefit to secure the seat to ensure safety and comfort.
3.Wheelchairs: The function of wheelchair cushion for wheelchairs is to prepare comfort and support. They also increase the posture of the user, decrease stress, boost ventilation and breathability and boost mobility. Selecting the best seat cushion is essential for the health and comfort of the wheelchair user. decreasing pain in the body, preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing living quality for the person with it.
4.Gaming: The purpose of a gaming chair’s seat cushion for the usage of a Gaming chair’s purpose is to grant comfort and support, boost sitting posture, decrease the pressure on your body, rise ventilation and enhance the experience of gaming. The selection of the best seat cushion is essential to the gaming experience and comfort of players, decreasing the discomfort, enhancing concentration and making gaming more enjoyable for gamers
5.Dining Chairs: The purpose of cushions for seats on chairs and tables are to impart the user with a comfortable and supportive environment, increase the posture of sitting, increase the experience, enhance aesthetics and also protect the chair. The selection of the best cushion for your seat is crucial to warrant comfort at the table and a beautiful home decor. They will boost the dining experience and provide the experience to its the guests.


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