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Donut Pillow Seat Cushion- QFC051

Model Number QFC051 Product Net Weight 580g
Product Specification 42*42cm Hardness 22- Firm
Outer Cover 3D breathable mesh fabric or velvet Color Black, blue, gray
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam; fast rebound memory foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag or transparent opp bag


The QFC051 Donut Memory foam cushion (Pillow Seat Cushion) is a classic design of the ring cushion, designed for the comfort of sedentary people and private areas of ventilation. Here are the main features of the product:
Annular hollow design: This memory cotton cushion has a circular hollow with a diameter of 13cm in the middle, similar to the shape of a doughnut. The function of this hollow is to allow the private parts of the sedentary crowd to get better ventilation and improve comfort.
Customize a variety of fabrics: Sellers and customers can choose different fabrics according to their preferences and needs, such as 3D mesh cloth, flannelette, etc. This way, your customers can customize the cushions according to the season and personal preferences.
Rubber non-slip bottom: The bottom of the cushion is made of rubber material to ensure that it will not slide or shift during use.
Expansion belt and plastic buckle: The seat is equipped with expansion belt and plastic buckle, easy to fix on the chair, to ensure stability.
OEM service: We offer OEM service where you can add your brand logo to this cushion to increase brand awareness.
Color: Blue, black, orange, gray, red, etc.
Stuffing: 100% memory foam
Whether in the office, home or car, the QFC051 Donut memory foam cushion provides users with a comfortable experience and good ventilation. Welcome to your order!
User Says:I am a 210lb guy who is at home, recovering from an extended in-bed hospital stay. When I sat on my lounger or any chair, my butt hurts. SOLUTION: This hole-in-the-middle cousin. It was bit larger than I expected, but I soon found it to be the perfect size. It flattens slightly as you use it. I now use it all the time. No more butt pain once you move it a little to find the no-pain “sweet spot”.

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Blue, Gray, Black

Our Benefits:

1.Premium Memory Foam Seat Cushion: The memory foam donut cushion core is made of high-density, slow-rebound memory foam that provides strong support. It will not deform even after long term use. Memory foam has a heat-sensing function that senses body temperature to fit the body’s curves and provide optimum comfort.
2.Non-slip Bottom: Cushion is studded with a premium rubber texture to ensure minimal to no movement. No more constant adjustments!
3.Portable Cushion: This donut seat cushion can be used anywhere, can be taken anywhere, and can be used for any type of chair, such as wheelchair, office chair, airplane, car, game grandstand, dining chair, etc. You don’t have to worry about the seats making you feel uncomfortable, just have a donut cushion to comfortably sit in various seats.
4.Washable Velvet Pillowcase: The surface of the pillowcase is made of great soft velvet and the bottom is equipped with non-slip silicone. The smooth zip allows you to remove the pillowcase for washing at any time. However, please be careful not to leave the tail cushion on light-coloured leather material surfaces for a long time to prevent accidental staining.
5.Ideal Gift: This office chair cushion fits any type of chair and can make any uncomfortable seat cozy and relaxing. It is a great gift for family and friends on special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day.


Suit For:

1.Car Seats: The function of the car seat cushions inside the car is to prepare comfort and support. They increase the posture of a seat, decrease tension, rise ventilation and breathability and benefit to secure the seat to ensure safety and comfort.
2.Truck Chairs: The cushions on the seats of trucks play a crucial part in providing a comfortable and supportive assistance, enhancing driving posture, decreasing vibration increasing ventilation and breathability and increasing stability that is crucial for enhancing the safety of drivers, comfort and health of the driver.
3.Office Chairs: The function of office seat cushions at working environments are for them to offer additional assistance and comfort boost the posture of a person sitting, decrease tension, increase ventilation and breathability and benefit improve health, work ease and productivity. The selection of the ideal chair cushion for your office is essential for workers who work in chairs for prolonged durations of time, to minimize discomfort and ensure their health.
4.Armchairs: The cushions on the seat of an armchair are essential in providing additional comfort, providing the support of your furniture, beautifying it as well as making sure the chair is safe and maintaining a the posture of the chair. The right choice of cushion for your seat can increase both the convenience and utility of the chair, and offer a better experience for the person who sits in it!
5.Wheelchairs: The function of wheelchair cushion for wheelchairs is to prepare comfort and support. They also increase the posture of the user, decrease stress, boost ventilation and breathability and boost mobility. Selecting the best seat cushion is essential for the health and comfort of the wheelchair user. decreasing pain in the body, preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing living quality for the person with it.
6.Gaming chairs: The purpose of a gaming chair’s seat cushion for the usage of a Gaming chair’s purpose is to grant comfort and support, boost sitting posture, decrease the pressure on your body, rise ventilation and enhance the experience of gaming. The selection of the best seat cushion is essential to the gaming experience and comfort of players, decreasing the discomfort, enhancing concentration and making gaming more enjoyable for gamers.
7.Airplane seats: The function of cushions in an aircraft is to give comfort and support to rise sitting posture, lessen the pressure on your body, boost ventilation and breathability and increase comfort during travel. Selecting the best cushion for your seat is crucial during long flights to ease the discomfort of flying, increase comfort and make your journey more enjoyable!


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