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Model Number QFC001T Product Net Weight 420g
Product Specification 24x22x20cm Hardness 16, Medium Soft
Outer Cover Breathable Polyester, Velour Fabric Color Black, Dark Blue
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing Opp Bag




QFC001T Neck Pillow: Multi-functional design, personalized comfort!
As a manufacturer of memory foam We are pleased to present the QFC001T tiny seat cushion with the classic style. Let’s look at the features that make it different:
It bridges the gap between the neck and headrest: The QFC001T neck pillow for cars is specifically designed for long-distance travel that will ensure an easier and more comfortable head position.
The versatile design of this car neck pillow isn’t only for cars. It is the ideal recliner neck pillow or travel pillows or even a camping pillow. Comfortable and personalized wherever you travel.
Leg pad and knee pillow:If you are you are camping with your QFC001T, it could be utilized as a knee cushion and leg pad. These can help in providing an adequate amount of leg support for those who sleep on their sides.
Comfortable slow Rebound Memory Foam Core: QFC001T pillow inside with a comfortable low rebound cushion in order to warrant the neck of your supported.
A breathable polyester or soft flannelette:The coat is composed from breathable polyester fabric or you could choose a soft flannelette fabrics, which can be made adequate to your personal preferences.
The QFC001T color range is rich and has a range of colors. Contact us for more information.
The perfect cost-effective, quality that is lossless: QFC001T is not just a tiny seat cushion and a pledge to your relaxation. Choose to invest in your comfort by purchasing the QFC001T for the health of your neck.
Contact us today to discuss how we can send you additional HD images and specs to select from. Send me your requirements for a custom quote and we’ll offer you with a the price in just 12 hours!

Additional information


Black, Dark blue

Our Benefits:

Breathable Polyester%Velour fabric for option
Experience the ultimate driving comfort with the JYM Car Neck Pillow, a top-rated [TRAVEL NECK PILLOW], designed to fill the gap between your headrest and neck, ensuring a more natural and relaxed head position during long trips.
This Car Neck Pillow is not just a [CAR PILLOW]; it’s a versatile [NECK PILLOWS FOR TRAVEL], perfect as a neck pillow for recliners, a travel pillow, or even a camping pillow, providing personalized comfort wherever you go. And a [Knee Pillow], or a [LEG Cushion], provide side sleeper good leg support when you are camping.
With its lightweight structure and easy-to-carry portable bag, the Aeris [CAR PILLOW FOR DRIVING SEAT] is your perfect travel companion, ensuring you can take your comfort on the go, whether you’re traveling or camping.
Say goodbye to neck, shoulder, or back pain with our [MEMORY FOAM TRAVEL PILLOW] that keeps your neck and spine in perfect alignment, providing you with a comfortable and pain-free journey.
JYM[NECK PILLOW FOR CAR] boasts an adjustable long strap and an 8-inch extension, ensuring a perfect fit on most car seats and chairs, making it a versatile choice for all drivers.
OEKO-TEX TESTED FOR SAFETY: OEKO_TEX tests textile for over 1000 chemicals to ensure moms safety.
ROHS Tested: The memory foam pillow core passes Rohs test in SGS lab.

Suit For:

1.Car Neck Pillow: The function of this neck cushion inside the car is primarily for it to focus on providing the neck with support. It can ease neck strain, boost driving comfort and increase the quality of sleep, aiding both passengers and drivers to ease neck pain as well as improve the health and comfort of driving and riding
2.Travel Pillow: The purpose of neck cushions in neck pillows for travel is for it to focus on providing the neck with support. It can increase the comfort of necks, lessen pressure, and make it is easy to carry, aiding travelers in having more relaxed and comfortable sleeping experience while traveling.
3.Office Chair Pillow: The neck cushion in office chairs is made for prepare cervical support. boost standing posture increase comfort and increase efficiency and concentration and help office workers maintain the health of their necks and be comfortable throughout their working hours.
4.Recliner Pillow: The function of the neck cushion on the recliner is principally for it to bring cervical support. rise your recliners comfort and rise the posture of sleep and ease neck pressure in order that the person can take pleasure in the recliner with more comfort and relax.
5.Camping Pillow: The neck cushion of a camping pillows primarily serves as a way to grant the neck with support. It can also improve sleep comfort and light weight and adapt to various sleeping positions, allowing campers with a more comfy and restful sleep so they can enjoy more rest and recuperation from a day of camping.


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