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Square Memory Foam Seat Cushion Chair Pad-QFC010

Model Number QFC010 Product Net Weight 900g/1100g
Product Specification 45x45x8cm/40x45x8cm Hardness 15-16, Medium Soft
Outer Cover Breathable Mesh Fabric Color Black, Red, Dark Blue
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing Drawing Bag, Opp Bag




QFC010 Square Memory Foam Chair Pad: Comfortable and versatile, custom color!

As a memory foam pillow factory, we are proud to introduce the QFC010 Seat Cushion Chair Pad- a classically designed square Memory Foam Seat Cushion Chair Pad. Let’s dive into what makes it unique.
This Memory Foam Cushion is designed to provide therapeutic comfort for sitting, even for prolonged periods of time. Cushion helps maintain proper posture and provide stability while seated.

Suitable for a variety of scenarios: The QFC010’s simple square design is suitable for a variety of use scenarios, such as seat cushions, sofa cushions, floor cushions, windowsill cushions, cruise ship cushions, bench cushions, lawn outdoor cushions, etc.
Camping Mattress Combination: When camping, you can use multiple QFC010 MATS combined to form a large bed. It’s perfect for use in the trunk of a Tesla Model Y or on the lawn.
Comfortable Slow rebound memory pad: The QFC010’s internal pillow uses a comfortable slow rebound memory foam to ensure that your sitting position is well supported.
Breathable and dirt-resistant polyester fabric: The coat is made of breathable and dirt-resistant polyester fabric, or you can choose leather or PU fabric, customized according to your preferences.
Non-slip bottom design: non-slip rubber particles are used at the bottom to ensure that the mat is not easy to move when in use.
Save shipping costs: The QFC010 can use compressed packaging, which can save 60% of shipping costs.
Rich custom colors: QFC010 offers a variety of colors, please contact us for details.
Best cost performance, lossless quality: QFC010 is not only a square memory pad, but also the promise of your comfort. Invest comfortably and choose QFC010 – Care for your sitting and sleeping health

Additional information


Red, Black, Dark blue

Our Benefits

1.Breathable Mesh cushion cover
Includes breathable mesh, cover that zips off easily for machine washing.
2.100% Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Core
Memory foam is known for therapeutic qualities and comfortable support. It’s designed to conform perfectly to the contours of your body for maximum comfort and support. Our premium memory foam supersedes all with superior high density construction for longer lasting product.
3.Non-slip Bottom can be made- There are non-slip plastic particles on the bottom to keep the seat cushions in place and not slide
4.Cushion measures in two size for option, you can also make a difference size according to you promotion plan. Square: 45x45x8cm, Retangle: 40x45x8cm
This quare memory foam cushion can be ventilated for air flow to help regulate temperature for maximum support and comfort. The memory foam relieves discomfort, aches, and fatigue for one and all. Enjoy optimal comfort while sitting for extended periods of time.

Suit For

1.Seat Cushions: The square cushion plays a crucial role in offering comfort, postural support and reduces pressure, improving air circulation, and also decorating so that sitting is more relaxing and enjoyable for the users
2.Sofa Cushions: The cushion is square and plays numerous functions within Sofa Cushions to enhance comfort and appearance. secure the sofa, alter the height and expand the functionality, providing customers with a more comfy and comfortable sofa experience.
3.Floor Cushions: The cushion is square and plays many functions in floor Cushions for security, comfort in height, multi-functional usage and is also decorative, providing more enjoyable and varied flooring experience.
4.Windowsill Cushions: This cushion has numerous functions in Windowsill Cushions, helping to increase the comfort of users, make use of space, secure windowsills, enhance the window sill and provide functionality, resulting in the most comfortable and versatile window sill experience to the person together it.
5.Cruise Ship Cushions: The square cushion serves diverse functions in Cruise Ship Cushions to enhance the comfort of passengers, improve safety, protect against seawater, enhance mobility and portability, resulting in more comfort and ease of use for passengers on cruise ships.
6.Bench Cushions: The cushion square plays several functions in the bench cushioning to improve the comfort of bench users, safeguard the bench, enhance the bench, increase the height, and impart multi-functional usage it provides users with a more relaxing and pleasant experience during using the bench
7.Lawn Outdoor Cushions: This cushion can play numerous roles in lawn cushions that enhance the quality of life, protect features, portability and stain resistance as well as aesthetics of the lawn and provides a more relaxing and comfortable cushion choice for outdoor activities.


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