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Slow Rebound Memory Foam Side Leg Pillow: JYM054

Model NumberJYM054Product Net Weight400g
Product Specification27*24*15cmHardnessNormal Hardness
Outer CoverPolyester-CottonColorBlue, White, Pink
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingOPP Bag+ Compression


We’ve made this knee cushion, Leg Pillow to be a focus on practicality and comfort in every aspect, and the following is its in-depth description of the design:
1.Good breathability, hollow design: The knee pillow is an open design that increases the overall airflow. The hollow structure not just decreases weight on the pillow it also efficaciously improves air circulation. It also eliminates the sensation of being stuffed during prolonged duration. It helps keep your legs dry and comfortable during the summer heat as well as in warm indoor settings.
2.The 2nd version of Leg Pillow reduces the width of the grooves in order to make room between your legs. which allows for release of the pressure and maintaining blood flow in the legs: The new version of Leg Pillow improves the shape of the grooves, and decreases the width between the grooves, allowing them to better fill in the space between your legs. This enhancement not only offers better support but definitely lowers stress on your legs and increases blood circulation. Also, it keeps your legs supple for longer periods of time, particularly for those who must lay down and sit for extended periods of time or have leg pain.
3.The straps are thickened and padded. straps are made to be able to accommodate the legs without shifting: To bring more comfort, this knee cushion is elevated and padded so as to warrant your natural curvature of the limb is maintained throughout the use. The strap design permits the cushion to be securely attached to the thighs and is not be easily moved. You can alter your straps’ elasticity so as to warrant that the pillow is a good fit for your leg and stays solid even if you turn around or shift.
4.Conveniently Removable and Washable: The knee pillows is designed so that it can be easily washed and removed, with a the zipper being invisible and built-in. This makes cleaning and removal easy. Simply pull the zipper open take the cover off and wash it in order to keep the pillow fresh and clean. This design does not just extend the lifespan of the pillows, but guarantees that it is fresh each time you utilize it.
This knee cushion is dedicated to giving users the excellent relaxation experience with its airy and hollow design, improved groove support, enhanced and thickened strap fixation and an easy-to-clean and washable design. It doesn’t matter if it’s used for daily usage or for long periods of lying or sitting down, this pillow offers the best comfort and support for your legs, allowing you relieve stress and take in every minute of your time in relaxation.

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Blue, Pink, White

Our Benefits:

We are pleased to offer an memory foam set that combines an lumbar cushion and a headrest that is designed to improve the comfort of driving and favor support. These are the main benefits:
1.Ergonomic: this headrest as well as the lumbar cushion set have been designed with care to be ergonomically designed. The concave shape of the headrest definitely assists the neck and head while the lumbar cushion is shaped to fit the lumbar curve. It offers all-round support to benefit you maintain the correct sitting position and ease the discomfort and fatigue caused by prolonged driving.
2.Skin-friendly fabric, easy to breathe and not bulky: The outer layer that the garment is constructed of top quality skin-friendly fabric that is soft and pleasant to the touch. The fabric is breathable enough so as to assure that it remains dry and does not get stuffy whatever the weather giving you the ultimate satisfaction.
3.Hipster Design: The Aesthetic Advantage: These chair and lumbar cushion is not just concentrates on practicality but also on fashion-forward aesthetics. Concepts of Tide design are integrated into the cushions to make them appear stylish and contemporary and are a an integral part of your car’s interior décor and adding to the look of the car’s interior.
4.High-Quality Memory Foam Insert A high-quality memory foam is used to insert the material. It is extremely durable and offers durability and strength. Memory foam is able to automatically alter the design alike to your body’s form as well as your posture, to give an individualized support. Furthermore, it’s difficult to stretch over time which ensures long-lasting endurance.

Suit For:

1.Office Chair: The purpose of lumbar cushioning in office chairs is to provide extra help to boost sitting posture and lessen the lumbar strain and discomfort in addition to giving extra comfort to ensure an appropriate and healthy posture throughout the office day.
2.Gaming chair: The purpose of lumbar cushions on gaming chairs is to provide extra help to boost the posture of a person sitting and decrease back pain and pressure and also giving more comfort to ensure that gamers are at ease and well-maintained throughout long gaming sessions.
3.Drivers: The purpose of the lumbar cushion inside the driver’s seat is primarily in providing more cushioning to increase the driving posture and decrease back pain and lumbar pressure and also giving extra comfort to warrant that the driver is sitting well and healthy throughout long drives


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