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Push down self-inflating U-shaped travel pillow: QFC100

Model NumberQFC100Product Net Weight90g
Product Specification40×28×11cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverShredded MilkColorGreen, Black, Blue
Core MaterialAirPackingOpp Bag


This self-pressing inflatable U-shaped pillow is an elegant and comfortable companion for travellers. It comes with the following attributes:
1.18-Seconds Press and Fill Design: this travel pillow features an innovative press-and fill design that can be inflated quickly within 18 seconds using one gentle push, eliminating the time-consuming and hassle of inflatable pillows that are traditional and also reducing your valuable travel time.
2.Easy to carry and compact: With the ease of travel, this pillow has been designed to be light and compact. It is easily folded and put in your carry-on bag with no worries of taking up any space, and provides you with a relaxing in any location and at any time.
3.360 DEGREE COMFORTABLE FIT the neck: It’s specifically designed to accommodate the neck 360-degree, all-around manner, ensuring the fullest support and comfort while alleviating neckaches and discomforts throughout long journeys and allowing you to enjoy the rest of your night while travelling.
4.HIDDEN Vent Valve, Deflating With A GENTLE Push: When you are done with usage, you can easily reduce the size of the pillow by one simple button on the hidden vent valve. It is easy and fast. This design is not just a guarantee of an elegant and clean appearance on the pillows, but also increases the ease of use.
If you’re on an extended flight, an extended drive, or taking having lunch in the office, this inflatable self-pressing U-shaped travel pillow supplies you with a sensational relaxation experience. It makes every sleep more relaxing and enjoyable.

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Blue, Green, Black

Our Benefits:

The latest self-pressing inflatable U-shaped travel cushion is created to grant users with the desirable travel experience. These are the outstanding advantages:
1.Lightweight reduces shoulder and NECK Pressure: This travel pillow has a light design that reduces the pressure on your neck and shoulders and neck, allowing you to remain comfortably throughout your long travels without having to worry about neck pain.
2.TWO POSITION ADJUSTABLE FULL TIGHT: To satisfy the preferences of various users, this pillow comes with two different settings of varying the firmness as well as tightness. If you’re looking for firmer support or more loose an easy adjustment will ensure that every person can get the ideal fitting.
3.Premium milk silk material: The pillowcase is constructed of premium milk silk that is not just smooth and soft on the skin, it is durable and breathable which means you will get a premium experience every time you make use of it. The silk-like material has also been proven to be antibacterial, supplying an environment that is healthier.
4.Different colors are available: To accommodate the unique preferences of each user we impart a wide variety of colors to select from. If you’re looking for classic understated colors or vibrant, trendy colors, we can benefit you choose the one you like to reflect your individual style.
The self-pressing inflatable U-shaped travel pillow does not only show an understanding of the customer’s requirements in its form, but it displays great care in the small details. When you’re flying or train at high speed or even on lunch breaks in the workplace, it provides the ultimate comfort and is the ideal travel companion.

Suit For:

1. Airplanes: Perfect airplane pillow for long flight as the shape of our memory foam travel pillow molds ideally to the contours of your neck
2. Car: If a driver or passenger is in a single position for a prolonged duration it is common to feel tension and pressure on the neck. the U-shaped pillow may benefit in relieving this tension by offering more neck and head support, as well as making the journey more comfortable.
3. Train: U-shaped pillows are made to energetically assist neck posture and offer additional an incredibly soft cushion to benefit passengers feel more comfortable throughout their journey. The purpose of U-shaped pillows on trains can be used to rise the ride experience and decrease neck fatigue and discomfort that can result from long travel.
4. Coach: In passenger vehicles, there are often lengthy trips and passengers are required to be able to sit comfortably on their chairs. The U-shaped pillow was designed to provide greater neck support as well as favor an extra cushion to assure comfort on the ride.
5. Office: The U-shaped pillow was created to benefit to support the neck, promoting good posture for the head and neck, and alleviating tension and strain over the neck. It also has the ability to serve the comfort of a cushion to boost the level of comfort while sitting, increasing comfort and productivity.
6.Compurter, reading and watching TV: When we surf the Internet, read or watch TV for a long time, our cervical vertebrae will feel tired. Prolonged immobility will cause damage to the cervical spine, and the U-shaped pillow can effectively reduce the damage.


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