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Neck Pillows for Sleeping, Car and Airplane Travel Essentials-QFC052

Model Number QFC052 Product Net Weight 380g
Product Specification 24*24*15cm Hardness 15 Standard Soft, 20 Standard Firm
Outer Cover 40% Bamboo 60% Polyester; Cantonic Fabric Color White, Gray, Blue, Black
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag; Transparent opp bag; Color box



To live a high-quality living Our QFC052 banana-shaped Memory foam U-shape Neck Pillow offers the ultimate comfort. Its unique design and banana-shaped design the U pillow isn’t just gorgeous and luxurious, but it is it is also a fashionable accessory for your travels.
The QFC052 U pillow has a 100% slow rebound foam pillow core, which guarantees comfort and support that will give your neck and head a complete indulgence. The 360deg design of the surround along with the adjustable expansion band, enables users to easily adjust your most appropriate neck size like to your own preferences and experience a customized level of comfort.
In terms of appearance The QFC052 U pillow has an elegant two-color design and the cutting technique creates a pillow that is more comfortable and stylish. Even though the cost for raw material is more expensive We offer a wide range of other fabric options to add the user with a economical feature without losing quality.
We encourage you to reach us for a custom QFC052 U cushion. If you are looking to give a gift to your business or to improve your traveling experience, our memory foam U Pillow is an uncommon alternative for you. Let us collaborate to provide a more pleasant and luxurious experience for your clients.

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Blue, Gray, Black, White

Our Benefits:

1.Premium Memory Foam Travel Pillows: Travel pillow is made of Rohs certified memory foam to ensure safety and quality. With the feature of rebounding within 3-5 seconds, provide moderately soft neck support experience, allow your neck and head to completely relax and eliminate tension and stress, so you can quickly enter a sleep state.
2.Removable & Washable Pillowcase: Airplane pillow cover fabric is very silky and soft against you skin. The outside is velvety while the inside is silky. The cover zips on and off for washing. The ties help you to adjust the fit. This travel pillow provides the maximum safe and comfort on your trip.The pillowcase is machine washable, so you will always get clean pillow on your journey.
3.ADJUSTABLE SIZE WITH STRAP BUCKLE: experience ultimate comfort with our memory foam neck pillow that conforms to your neck and body. Designed to work seamlessly for average neck sizes, it can also be easily adjustable with velcro to accommodate different neck sizes. The moisture-absorbing fabric keeps you cool and dry, making it perfect for use in warm airplane cabins and cars. With its updated and improved design, this neck pillow has become a customer favorite, selling quickly due to its unbeatable features.
4.GREAT PORTABILITY: the neck pillow is compact and lightweight and rolls effortlessly into compact form and is really airplane travel essentials. Which makes it simple to fold into the luxurious mesh carry bag and that easily snaps on carry-on luggage for optimal convenience when traveling on airplanes, trains, cars, buses, camping or wherever you go. It also comes with a removable washable outer that is breathable and easy to keep clean.
5.SPECIAL EXTRA ACCESSORIES: including a high-end mesh carry bag for your neck pillow, memory foam contoured sleeping eye mask and comfortable ear plugs to block out light and sound. This optimal kit makes you ready for international travel in comfort with maximum convenience.
6.GREAT GIFT IDEA: for anyone who appreciates natural comfort and support. Perfect for birthday gift, holiday present, or anniversary and Christmas. Get yours now while we have this very popular set in plentiful supply. It’s selling quickly as word spread about its high quality and excellent design.
7.Storage Tip: If your pillow has been folded for an extended period, simply unfold it, allow it to air out, and gently massage the memory foam to restore its shape. For any missing parts or sizing concerns, please reach out to the seller for prompt and satisfactory assistance.

Suit For:

1.Plane: The U-shaped pillow provides passengers with the most comfortable neck rest during flight, helping reduce stress and fatigue as well as improving restfulness for improved sleeping on long journeys.
2.Train: A U-shaped cushion in a train car can provide added comfort and improve sleep quality while reducing body fatigue – helping passengers remain more relaxed throughout their trip.
3.Bus: U-shaped pillows in buses can provide extra comfort and improve sleeping quality for passengers, helping them travel more comfortably with reduced discomfort and ease.
4.At Home: The U-shaped pillow offers all the comfort of a cushion to allow you to unwind at home. Not only can it improve sitting posture and alleviate neck pain, it provides you with a truly relaxing moment right there in your own living room.
5.Children: The U-shaped cushion designed specifically for children provides a soft and comfortable cushion, improves posture, promotes relaxation and restful sleep, is easy to keep clean and maintain – ideal for both traveling as well as at-home children!
6.Office Workers: This U-shaped cushion designed for office workers offers comfortable neck support that improves posture, enhances productivity, decreases stress levels and is ideal for long day shift workers!
7.Travelers: This U-shaped pillow is an ideal travel companion, offering neck comfort and relief while sleeping better in higher quality beds, portable convenience and relief from tiredness caused by frequent travel.


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