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Double Support Neck Pillow-QFC053

Model Number QFC053 Product Net Weight 320g
Product Specification 24*24*12/8cm Hardness 15-16, Medium Soft
Outer Cover Elastic Cationic Fabric Color Gray
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing Drawing Bag, Opp Bag




Discover the Ultimate U-Shape Memory Foam Pillow QFC053!
Are you a business owner looking for premium pillows? You’re in the right place! Our factory for memory foam pillows has a specialization in making high-quality pillows. As a top manufacturer of travel pillows and a producer of pillow cores, We are proud of our commitment to excellence.
Introducing the Double Support Neck Pillow:
With precision in mind:This neck pillow is designed with precision. It has not just one instead, but 2 support elements. So say goodbye to neck pain and welcome to unbeatable comfort.
Front-to Back and Side-Side Suspension: This U-shape foam pillow is designed to support your neck from every angle. No matter if you’re sleeping, working or simply unwinding, it will help in providing optimal comfort.
Reducing neck strain and fatigue: The exclusive design maintains the natural align of your neck and head. So say goodbye to sore muscles and get a relaxing relaxation.
Flexible Use: Ideal for long-distance travel, office work or relaxing evenings in your home. Anywhere you travel it is you can rest assured that the Double Support Neck Pillow has your back (and neck! ).
The excellent price, uncompromising quality: We provide the excellent price for your money. Increase the comfort of your customers by offering a U-shape cushion made of memory foam. It’s more than just a pillow, but a promise of wellbeing.
Invest in quality. Make the investment in the comfort. Buy your memory foam U-shape mattress right now!

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Gray, Off White

Our Benefits:

1.DOUBLE SUPPORT TO THE HEAD, NECK, AND CHIN: This Chin support neck pillow is the only pillow that provides doubled support which helps relax and prevent neck pain and sore shoulders when sleeping sitting upright in an airplane, car, or at home. Available in two sizes for adults, the Large size for neck size up to 16”, and X-Large size for neck size 16” and above, this travel pillow is one of the most favorite travel accessories and travel gifts.
2.ERGONOMIC WAYS WITH DOUBLE SUPPORT: You can adjust theergonomic pillow to your desired sleeping position and get maximum comfort. FRONT- Place the overlapping pillow arms under the chin for double chin support. SIDE – If you are a side-sleeper, fold the pillow in half, place it on the shoulder, and lean your head to the side. FRONT+ SIDE – If your head falls to the front and the side, slide the overlapping arms 90 degrees to the side and get double support to the neck and chin.
3.PERFECT BALANCE BETWEEN SOFTNESS AND FIRMNESS: Breathable fabric shell, made of cozy microfleece and cool microsuede, and filled with soft BOUNCE BACK down alternative, provide adequate comfort for the neck and head and will shape to your favorite position.
4.PREVENT YOUR HEAD BEING PUSHED FORWARD: While most travel pillows are bulky in the back, pushing the head forward and causing neck pain and muscle strain, our neck pillow has a FLAT-BACK design that prevents the head from being pushed forward.
5.EASY TO CARRY AND KEEP CLEAN: The BCOZZY pillow is very lightweight and comes with a carry case to keep it clean. The snap loop in the back of the pillow makes it easy to clip it to your luggage or hang it in the car.
6.FULLY MACHINE WASHABLE: Unlike memory foam travel pillows that are not machine washable, our travel pillow design makes life as easy as counting sheep! Just pop it in the washer and let it air dry

Suit For:

1. Airplanes: perfect airplane pillow for long flight as the shape of our memory foam travel pillow molds ideally to the contours of your neck
2. Car: If a driver or passenger is in a single position for a prolonged duration it is common to feel tension and pressure on the neck. The double support neck pillow may benefit in relieving this tension by offering more neck and head support, as well as making the journey more comfortable.
3. Train: Double support neck pillows are made to energetically assist neck posture and offer additional an incredibly soft cushion to benefit passengers feel more comfortable throughout their journey. The purpose of double support neck pillows on trains can be used to rise the ride experience and decrease neck fatigue and discomfort that can result from long travel.
4. Coach: In passenger vehicles, there are often lengthy trips and passengers are required to be able to sit comfortably on their chairs. The double support neck pillow was designed to provide greater neck support as well as favor an extra cushion to assure comfort on the ride.
5. Office: The double support neck pillow was created to benefit to support the neck, promoting good posture for the head and neck, and alleviating tension and strain over the neck. It also has the ability to serve the comfort of a cushion to boost the level of comfort while sitting, increasing comfort and productivity.
6.Compurter, reading and watching TV: When we surf the Internet, read or watch TV for a long time, our cervical vertebrae will feel tired. Prolonged immobility will cause damage to the cervical spine, and the double support neck pillow can effectively reduce the damage.


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