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Memory Foam Car Headrest+Lumbar Support: QFC105

Model NumberQFC105Product Net Weight610g
Product Specification26*25*10cm, 39*29*6cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverSynthetic FiberColorBlack, Gray, Pink, Green
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingOpp Bag


The memory foam lumbar cushion+Headrest features an ergonomic design and top quality materials that are designed to give our customers with superior support for your lumbar and add you with comfort. Here are the main characteristics of its design:
1.The cushion+Headrest is widened and expanded to boost the width of the back of your lumbar: the back of the lumbar cushions is widening and expanded design. This efficaciously increases the area of support and provides a greater amount of back support for the lumbar region, efficaciously alleviates pressure in the lumbar area and eases discomfort caused by back pain.
2.Dorsal vertebrae from Coccyx to fit into the back of the lumbar with no excess: the shape of the lumbar cushion+Headrest is designed to take into consideration the curve of the spine in humans starting from the coccyx and ending at dorsal vertebrae on the lumbar cushion, to assure an ideal fit between the lumbar cushion as well as the back of the lumbar, eliminating the discomfort that is caused by excessive overhang the back, while also providing a wide selection of support and ease.
3.We recommend adopting Xinjiang cotton knitted fabric for all seasons: The lumbar pad composed of top-quality Xinjiang knitting cotton with excellent breathability and comfort, and can be appropriate for use in any season. It feels soft and delicate. non-irritant to skin and difficult to generate static electricity. It gives the user a cozy and warm feel.
The memory foam lumbar cushion+Headrest is a widening and expanded style, with a design which fits over the back of your lumbar that has no excess as well as high-end Xinjiang cotton knit fabric that is all-season that will give the user with all-round comfort and support for your lumbar region. This lumbar cushion+Headrest will assure that it is possible to feel the pleasure of sitting for extended lengths of time, alleviating back pain and protecting your back health.

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Gray, Green, Black, Pink

Our Benefits:

The memory foam cushion for lumbar support +Headrest incorporates advanced ergonomic design with premium material to offer our customers with superior support for your lumbar as well as comfort. The main advantages:
1.Ergonomically designed: A lumbar Cushion+Headrest is designed carefully with the principles of ergonomics to efficaciously assist the lumbar region and offer additional the proper pressure and massage alleviation effects. This style helps maintain an ideal posture while sitting, lessen back pain and energetically reduce lumbar discomfort.
2.The cushion+Headrest is appropriate for all seasons and breathable, not bulky: We select materials that provide excellent airflow and keep the cushion’s lumbar area fresh and dry during any time of the year. No matter if it’s hot in summer or the cold winter it will provide an enjoyable sitting experience, and not feel uncomfortable or stuffy.
3.Hipster Design and Aesthetic Benefits: The lumbar cushion +Headrest has stylish hipster designs featuring a modern and minimal design that will go flawlessly with a variety of chairs and workplace chairs. The aesthetics of this design not just improves the aesthetic attractiveness of the product however, it adds a sense of elegance to your seat.
4.MULTIPLE colors available: There is a broad selection of color options to select from. Whether you like classic neutral shades or a unique bright color there is the style that excellent suits your needs. Colors are available in a variety that allows the user to select compatible to your own tastes and preferences so that you can meet the demands of different people.
This lumbar pillow+Headrest made of memory foam has an ergonomic shape and breathability throughout the year and a hipster-style design as well as a variety of colors to pick from. If you are with it at your home office or even in the car the cushion+Headrest will give you comfort and boost the efficiency of your job as well as your quality of your life.

Suit For:

1.Office Chair: The purpose of lumbar cushioning in office chairs is to provide extra help to boost sitting posture and lessen the lumbar strain and discomfort in addition to giving extra comfort to ensure an appropriate and healthy posture throughout the office day.
2.Gaming chair: The purpose of lumbar cushions on gaming chairs is to provide extra help to boost the posture of a person sitting and decrease back pain and pressure and also giving more comfort to ensure that gamers are at ease and well-maintained throughout long gaming sessions.
3.Drivers: The purpose of the lumbar cushion inside the driver’s seat is primarily in providing more cushioning to increase the driving posture and decrease back pain and lumbar pressure and also giving extra comfort to warrant that the driver is sitting well and healthy throughout long drives


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