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Cervical Rolling Pillow Lumbar Roll – QFC025


Model Number QFC025 Product Net Weight 300g
Product Specification 27.5*D12cm Hardness 17, Medium Firm
Outer Cover Pure Breathable Cotton/Breathable Polyester Color Black, Gray, Beige
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag or transparent opp bag



QFC025 Cylindrical Memory Foam Pillow: Your daily relaxation expert

In the day to day work and life, QFC025 cylindrical memory Foam Rolling Pillow is your ideal choice to relieve physical tension. With a length of 27.5cm and a diameter of 12cm, this pillow is of moderate size and is ideal for use as a massage roller for the waist and neck, especially for people who sit for a long time, and it can effectively relax the tension of the shoulder, neck and lumbar spine.

Slow rebound memory Foam core: Our selected slow rebound memory foam, with its wonderful circular shape and the right height, perfectly fit the human curve. Not only does it provide good support for your neck, but it also provides a comfortable massage experience through pressure and the slow rebound of the memory foam.

Diverse fabric options: The QFC025 Rolling Pillow offers a variety of fabric options, including breathable mesh polyester and bead cotton fabrics, to meet your needs for comfort and beauty.

Rich in color: Customers can choose from a variety of colors, including atmospheric black, classic gray, and warm beige, each color to add a touch of color to your living space.

By choosing the QFC025 cylindrical memory foam pillow, you are choosing a healthy, comfortable and design lifestyle
Safe & Eco-Certified: Our chair pillow is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and SGS Rohs certifincated.
Remember, a good pillow can make all the difference during your travels!

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Gray, Beige, Black

Our Benefits:

1.PAIN RELIEVING LUMBAR SUPPORT: Providing comfortable lumbar support in any chair, the lumbar pillow relieves pain and pressure on the spine, lower back, and neck by promoting correct posture. The cylinder pillow supports the natural curvature of the lower back, which ensures correct spinal alignment to reduce muscle fatigue and tension.
2.SECURE TO ANY CAR SEAT: Lightweight and portable, the lumbar roll features a long 32” adjustable elastic strap that is quickly secured to any seat or even around the waist for greater versatility. Suitable for the home, the office or on the go, the supportive back cushion comfortably fits on airline seats, office chairs and different car seat,trunk seat,airplane seat,and so on.. It also features a quick-release buckle for added convenience.
3.SECURE TO ANY OFFICE SEAT: The roll lumbar pillow can be attached to seats NOT ONLY in cars, office chairs, and plane seats. You can adjust the elastic buckle to fit different chairs, seats or other situation. And the roll lumbar pillow can be used as lumbar pillow and neck pillow. The support lumbar pillow helps to improve posture and provides comfort when you sit, drive and work. Ideal for traveling, working, driving and home.
4.RESILIENT FOAM CUSHIONING: High-density foam retains its shape for exceptional support day after day. The round neck pillow is 12” in length and 4.5” in diameter to support the natural curvature of the spine for optimal pain relief.
5.BREATHABLE MESH COVER: Machine washable for convenience, the removable cover is constructed with a breathable mesh material that allows heat to quickly dissipate, keeping your neck or lower back cool, dry, and comfortable.
6.SUPPORT DOZONS OF AMAZON SELLERS MAKE PROFITS: JYM travel pillows has been soft on Amazon, and help them to make profit and grows businss. Good quality supports our cooperations. Welcome to test sample if you are in the field.

Suit For:

1.Home: It can be used as a comfy support device or for an ornament for your home, this oblong headrest for cars can be used for many functional and aesthetic functions at home.
2.The office: The function of the cylindrical headrests for automobiles in the workplace does not stop at providing support and comfort however, they can rise the efficiency of employees and boost their satisfaction by enhancing their work experience and working environment.
3.Car: Cylindrical headrests in automobiles play a significant role in automobiles, and not just provide security and comfort as well as beautifying the interior and enhancing the overall experience for the driver and the passengers by offering the appropriate level of assistance


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