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Lumbar Support Pillow for Chair-QFC024

Model Number QFC024 Product Net Weight 670g
Product Specification 46*41*13cm Hardness 16 – Medium Soft
Outer Cover Breathable Mesh Fabric Color Black, Gray, Red, Beige, Coffee
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag or transparent opp bag




QFC024 Seat back: Graceful curves, health support!
As a memory foam pillow factory, we proudly introduce the QFC024 — by far the most popular seat recline on Amazon. Let’s dive into what makes it unique:
Graceful curves: The Lumbar Support Pillow QFC024’s design is simple and graceful, perfectly supporting the human back. It can not only help people who sit for a long time to relieve back fatigue, but also correct poor posture.
Large-size customization: We also offer large-size models to meet the needs of large-size people in Europe and the United States.
High quality visco-elastic memory foam: The QFC024 inner core is made of high quality visco-elastic memory foam and is formed in one piece to ensure comfort and durability.
Various fabric customization: Sellers and customers can customize a variety of fabrics according to their needs, such as 3D mesh fabric, flannery fabric, cationic fabric, swimsuit fabric, etc. No matter what kind of material you prefer, we can meet your needs, and even multi-color matching.
Rubber non-slip bottom: The QFC024 comes with a non-slip rubber bottom to ensure that the seat is always secure. It provides consistent support whether you’re sitting for long periods of time, relaxing at work or at home.
Expansion tape and plastic clasp: You can choose to wear expansion tape and plastic clasp to better secure the seat.
The best cost-effective, non-destructive quality: QFC024 is not only a seat back, but also a commitment to your health. Invest in comfort and choose QFC024 – Care for your waist health.
Contact us today so we can send you more HD images and specifications to choose from. Tell me your custom needs, we will give you a quote within 12 hours!

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Gray, Red, Beige, Black, Coffe

Our Benefits:

For convenience and durability, we upgraded and lengthened the straps to fit more chairs instead of adding extra extension straps.
1.UPGRADE & UNIQUE BACK SUPPORT PILLOW: If you spend a lot of time sitting on office chair, gaming chair and driving in car, this lumbar pillow will perfectly help you. The back support for car is designed ergonomically to relieve upper, mid and lower back pain and back tightness,supports you in achieving right posture and helps maintain a gentle curve in the spine.
2.NEVER FLATTENS OUT: Qutool lumbar support pillow for car adopts High density, thick, durable fabulous and precisely molded memory foam which insures a firm comfy fit and enhance your comfort while retaining its density. The chair pillow can provide enough supportive and comfortable than lumbar roll. Ideal for drivers, teachers, students,office workers etc.
3.HOLD in PLACE: Unlike other low quality office chair pillows on the market, the new Qutool lumbar pillow has two adjustable, upgraded straps, so no matter how you move, the back cushion will stay firmly attached to any office chair, computer chair, car seat, SUV, truck or other home office accessories.
4.BREATHABLE 3D MESH COVER: With removable and machine washable mesh cover, this wheelchair back cushion can keep air circulation well and always keep you back cool and comfortable, dry for the best experience, so sweat and moisture doesn’t fill it up, suitable for all seasons.
5.Safe & Eco-Certified: Our chair pillow is OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 and SGS Rohs certifincated.

Suit For:

1.Drivers: Lumbar cushions help drivers as they provide support for the lumbar region in improving posture while driving as well as alleviating the pain in your lower back, increasing comfort, and improving blood circulation. Selecting the best lumbar cushion is essential for the comfort of driving and overall health. They can help reduce discomfort while driving and increase driving performance.
2.Teachers: Lumbar cushions help teachers as they provide lumbar support, enhancing sitting posture, lessening back pain, improving comfort, and enhancing blood circulation. The selection of the best Lumbar cushion is crucial to warrant the comfort of the teacher and overall health, which will help reduce back pain and rise the efficiency of work and boost quality.
3.Students: Lumbar cushions can be useful to students to help in providing the lumbar area with support, rise sitting posture, ease back pain, improve wellbeing and comfort. The selection of the correct cushion for lumbar support is crucial to students’ health and comfort to rise the quality of their education and lessen discomfort when studying.
4.Office workers: The function of lumbar pillows designed for workers in offices is to grant assistance to the lumbar region, increase the posture of sitting, decrease back pain, increase comfort and enhance health. The selection of the correct Lumbar cushion is essential to the health and wellbeing of office workers. It could boost the efficiency of their work and lessen the pain caused by working for long hours.


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