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Double U Shape Cut-out Car Seat Cushion-QFC036

Model Number QFC036 Product Net Weight 700g
Product Specification 45*37*4/7cm Hardness 21-Medium Firm
Outer Cover 3D Breathable Mesh Fabric Color Black, Gray
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam; fast rebound memory foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag or transparent opp bag



Product name: QFC036 U thin memory foam car seat cushion
Product Number: QFC036
Description: The QFC036 U-shaped memory foam car cushion is a classically designed car booster cushion, designed for driver comfort and eye improvement. Here are the main features of the product:
Double U-shaped cutout design: Compared with QFC023, QFC036 has two U-shaped cutouts, one of which is to make the private parts of the sedentary crowd better ventilated. This design not only improves comfort, but also helps keep you fresh.
Increase the driver’s line of sight: The height of the QFC036 seat is designed to help increase the driver’s line of sight, allowing him to better observe the road and traffic conditions.
120 air holes: In order to make users feel cooler, we cam make 120 air holes on the memory foam cushion to increase ventilation(it is an optional choice for retailers).
Customize a variety of fabrics: Sellers and customers can choose different fabrics according to their preferences and needs, such as 3D mesh cloth, flannelette, etc. This way, your customers can customize the cushions according to the season and personal preferences.
Rubber non-slip bottom: The bottom of the cushion is made of rubber material to ensure that it will not slide or shift during driving.
Expansion belt and plastic fasteners: The seat is equipped with expansion belt and plastic fasteners for easy fastening to the car seat and ensuring stability.
OEM service: We offer OEM service where you can add your brand logo to this cushion to increase brand awareness.
Whether it is a long drive or a daily commute, the QFC036 U-thickened memory cotton car seat provides a comfortable experience and good sight line for the driver

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Gray, Black

Our Benefits:

1.Upgraded Seat Cushion: Double U Shape Memory Foam Seat made thinner the basis of the original seat cushion QFC023. Firstly, the problem of seat cushion being too thick was solved. The extra U cutout help pe
2.Premium Memory Foam: Homuno office chair cushion is made of high-density charcoal memory foam, which is very soft. The chair pillow can be restored to its original state after each use, so you can spend the day with energy.
3.Ergonomic Design: Homuno office chair cushion has an ergonomic U-shaped design that fits perfectly with the cushion regardless of your body type.The U-shaped groove design helps relieve the pressure on the tailbone. In addition, the heart-shaped design in the middle of the seat cushion is not only beautiful, but also very breathable, not stuffy and stays cool.
4.Relieve fatigue: The seat cushion of the Office chair can relieve physical pain and improve posture. Who often do daily desk work and long distance driving, sitting on the cushion is as comfortable as sitting on cotton. By relieve some of the stress by distributing the weight load on the seat cushion, making your body feel more relaxed.
5.Comfortable fabric:The outer layer of the office chair seat cushion is made of breathable soft fabric that does not lock in heat. The seating pillow is breathable, not stuffy and naturally relaxing. The non-slip mesh rubber bottom ensures you won’t slip. The outer fabric of the pressure-relieving cushion is zippered and can be easily removed for cleaning, and the quality fabric of the foam cushion allows you to never have to worry about fading.

Suit For:

1.Car: The purpose of the car seat cushions inside the vehicle is to help in providing comfort and support. They increase the posture of the seat, decrease the pressure on your body, boost ventilation and breathability as well as benefit to safeguard the seat to ensure security and comfort.
2.Sport Car: The seat cushions of sports cars play a crucial function in providing comfort and enhancing the experience of driving by enhancing the control of driving decreasing fatigue during driving, and improving the safety of seats that is crucial for enhancing the safety and experience of driving
3.Truck: The seat cushions on trucks play a significant part in providing comfortable comfort and a better posture for drivers by reducing vibration, increasing stability, and increasing the airflow and breathability. This is crucial for enhancing the safety of drivers, comfort and health of the driver.
4.Van: The seat cushions of van play a vital part in providing comfortable assistance, enhancing driving posture, reducing vibrations as well as enhancing stability. They also improve airflow and breathability. This is crucial for enhancing safety, comfort, and health of the driver.
5.Motorhome:The cushions on motorhomes’ seats are essential in providing comfort and support, enhancing the experience of driving by enhancing the comfort and comfort of the seats, enhancing the use of space and personalisation options. They are essential to improve the comfort and ease of motorhome travel.


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