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Car Seat Headrest: Comfortable Support, Versatile Design-QFC006

Model Number QFC006 Product Net Weight 360g
Product Specification 29×24.5x14cm Hardness 16, Medium Soft
Outer Cover Breathable Mesh Fabric Color Black, Dark Blue
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag; Transparent opp bag; Color box



QFC006 Car Seat Headrest: Comfortable support, versatile design!
As a memory foam factory, we are proud to introduce the QFC006 – a classically designed car seat headrest. Let’s dive into what makes it unique:
Bridge the gap between headrest and neck: The QFC006 car neck pillow is designed for long trips, ensuring a more natural and relaxed head position. Whether you are the driver or co-driver, it provides you with head, neck and shoulder support.
Massage particle design: There are 9 raised massage particles on the QFC006, which can massage the neck better and relieve fatigue.
Versatile use: More than a car seat headrest, the QFC006 can also be used as a pillow or leg cushion for side sleepers, which is very practical. Whether you’re camping or at home, it offers personalized comfort.
Comfortable Slow rebound memory foam core: The QFC006’s internal pillow uses a comfortable slow rebound memory foam core to ensure that your neck is well supported.
Breathable polyester fabric or soft flannelette fabric: The pillow case is made of breathable polyester fabric, or you can choose soft flannelette fabric, customized according to your preferences.
Various color selection: QFC006 offers a variety of colors, please contact us for details.
Best value for money, lossless quality: The QFC006 is not only a car seat headrest, but also a commitment to your comfort. Invest in comfort and choose QFC006 – Care for your neck health.
Contact us today so we can send you more HD images and specifications to choose from. Tell me your custom needs, we will give you a quote within 12 hours!

Additional information


Black, Dark blue

Our Benefits:

1.Car Neck Pillow Cover: Breathable mesh fabric
2.NECK PAIN RELIEF: Comfort your neck and shoulder while driving long time or long distance which can support your cervical spine in different directions, car seat neck pillow with 100% pure memory foam provides a great support for your cervical spine and head, help you maintain the correct posture in driving, and make your driving safer and reduce fatigue.
3.ELASTIC ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: High-quality buckle highly secure on your seat prevent neck pillow for car slip down or fall away from the seat, giving a fixed hold and better to support your neck, you can adjust the height of your car pillow you want.
4.BREATHABLE, SKIN-FRIENDLY & DURABLE: Cloth cover of car seat pillow is made of updated style knitted fabric which make it soft, skin-friendly, and suitable for all seasons; the pillow cover is removal and machine washable, and not washable foam core is durability.
5.ERGONOMICALLY DESIGN: Ergonomically designed by human neck curve, release neck pain and shoulder pressure, professionally designed for sedentary people, the headrest can be used in a variety of scenarios (car seat, gaming chair, office chair, etc).
6.SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Easy and quick to install, it is perfect to add on your car seat, you would not want to miss it! With 2 pcs in one pack, let us know if you have any issue regarding on our product.
7.OEKO-TEX TESTED FOR SAFETY: OEKO_TEX tests textile for over 1000 chemicals to ensure moms safety.
8.ROHS Tested: The memory foam pillow core passes Rohs test in SGS lab.

Suit For:

1.Car Neck Pillow: The function of this neck cushion inside the car is primarily for it to focus on providing the neck with support. It can ease neck strain, boost driving comfort and increase the quality of sleep, aiding both passengers and drivers to ease neck pain as well as improve the health and comfort of driving and riding
2.Office Chair Pillow: The neck cushion in office chairs is made for prepare cervical support. boost standing posture increase comfort and increase efficiency and concentration and help office workers maintain the health of their necks and be comfortable throughout their working hours.

3.Recliner Pillow: The function of the neck cushion on the recliner is principally for it to bring cervical support. rise your recliners comfort and rise the posture of sleep and ease neck pressure in order that the person can take pleasure in the recliner with more comfort and relax.


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