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Car Neck Pillow-QFC030

Model Number QFC030 Product Net Weight 300g
Product Specification 26*23*12cm Hardness 15-16, Medium Soft
Outer Cover Elastic Cationic Fabric Color Black, Gray, Beige
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing PVC window handle bag, Opp Bag


FC030 Car Seat Headrest: Comfortable support, versatile design!
As an industry leader in memory foam pillows We are proud to announce the QFC030 Car Neck Pillow classically designed headrest for cars. Let’s look at the unique features of this headrest:
1.Bridging gaps between the headrest and neck: The QFC030 neck pillow was designed for long-distance travel, and provides the most natural and comfortable head position. If you’re a driver or co-drivers, it offers you with neck, head as well as shoulder assistance.
2.Versatile use Beyond the headrest for a car seat: The QFC030 can be utilized as a pillow and leg pillow for sleepers and is extremely practical. If you’re camping or just at home, it provides personal comfort.
3.Expansion belt that has buckle On the back: QFC030 is constructed with an the expansion belt that has buckle while some clients have created two straps to reinforce. This way, you are able to alter the position of the cushion as required to assure the comfort of your sleep.
4.Comfortable: Memory pad with a slow rebound QFC030’s pillow is equipped with a comfy memory pad with a slow rebound that will warrant the neck’s supported.
5.Breathable polyester or leather/PU: The coat is constructed from breathable polyester. leather or PU, which can be made to order alike to your personal preferences.
6.Best price for the money and lossless quality: QFC030 is more than an automobile seat headrest but also a guarantee of your comfort. Choose to invest in comfort by purchasing QFC030 to care for the health of your neck.
Contact us today to discuss how we can provide you with more HD images and specs to select from. Let me know your specific requirements and we’ll offer you with a the price inside 12 business hours!

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Gray, Beige, Black

Our Benefits:

1.Pillow core: 100% Elastic Cationic Fabric pillow core inside this car neck pillow. Our premium memory foam supersedes all with superior high density construction for a longer lasting product. The memory foam relieves discomfort, aches and fatigue for one and all. Enjoy optimal comfort while sitting for extended periods of time.
2.Breathable cover
JYM Memory Foam Cushion is designed to provide therapeutic comfort for sitting, even for prolonged periods of time. Cushion helps maintain proper posture and provide stability while seated. Featuring a breathable mesh cover that zips off easily for machine washing and care.

Suit For:

1.Car:Headrests in cars play a significant part in cars they not only provide security and comfort however, they also enhance the interior as well as improving the overall experience for drivers and passengers by offering the appropriate assistance.
2.Office Chairs: The addition of automotive headrests to office chairs could focus on providing extra back support as well as comfort for the neck, which can help in helping rise posture and ease the discomfort that comes with sitting for long periods of time and also enhancing the individualization and aesthetics of the office
3.Fitness Equipment: The headrests of fitness equipment in the form of automobiles could give more comfort for the neck as well as stability and comfort aiding to rise the overall experience during training and rise security. These can even be personalised with fitness gear, bringing design and aesthetic appeal for the product.


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