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3D Car Interior Memory Foam Car Headrest: QFC097

Model NumberQFC097Product Net Weight800g
Product Specification33cm * 29cm * 4cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverPU leatherColorBlack, Gray, White, Red
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingColor Box


We are excited to announce an innovative and adjustable width Car Interior Memory Foam car headrest that looks attractive, but also comes with a variety of features that are designed to improve your riding and driving experience. These are the main advantages of this particular headrest:
1. Neck protection and ease of riding for long distances: This Car Interior Memory Foam headrest gives special attention to neck protection together the highest-quality memory foam that can efficaciously provide support to your head and neck, and ease fatigue when taking a long ride. If you’re on an extended trip or an everyday commute the resting place is sure to bring you with a great satisfaction.
2. Elegant and vibrant, with a broad range of colors: We recognize how important it is to personalize, which is why we provide a range of colors from which to pick. No matter what the design of your car’s interior you’ll find a hue that matches perfectly and makes your car’s interior look more elegant.
3. Head width adjustment between 140-280mm: To meet the requirements of different types of people, this headrest is equipped with an adjustable function and the width of the head can be adjusted flexibly between 140mm and 282mm. Whatever the group of users you belong to, you will choose the most appropriate positioning for support that will warrant the excellent user experience.
4. Ergonomic design: The headrest has been constructed in strict conformity to fundamentals of ergonomics that naturally conforms to the curve of the human body and favor complete assistance and security. The design is scientific and does not just improve the comfort of users, but also energetically reduces back and neck issues caused by poor posture.
Overall our adjustable width car seat is an excellent product that blends design, comfort and style It is made for you to impart users with best attention on each trip. Select the best size and color now and make your trip a pleasant one.

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Gray, Red, Black, White

Our Benefits:

We are pleased to present an innovative headrest that can be adjusted in width, that combines functionality, comfort and style, and is designed to enhance you driving enjoyment. The main benefits of this headrest
1. Soft Memory Foam release the cervical vertebrae of pressure: The headrest is made from top quality memory foam, that will perfectly fit your neck, offer additional excellent support and comfortable. It can definitely relieve pressure on your cervical spine and alleviate the discomfort that comes from riding for long periods of time.
2. Adjustable width, customization: The design of the headrest is designed to take into consideration the various needs of each person with it, and the head’s width is able to be adjustable between 140mm and 282mm. If you are a child or an adult it is able to be adjusted to the best size, making it completely customized experience so as to assure the perfect user experience.
3. Simple installation, only one buckle to close: To make it easier for the user, this headrest follows the idea of installation with a single button. There is no need for a complicated procedure simply a simple snap and the headrest is securely positioned on your car’s seat thereby saving the time as well as energy.
4. Skin-friendly fabric: We make use of high-end natural skin care fabrics that grant you with the best ease. The fabric is breathable and soft and is a perfect fit for your skin, without causing irritation or allergies and makes you feel relaxed and at ease each whenever you travel.
The adjustable width of this car headrest isn’t only practical it also comes with an attractive and minimalist style that is appropriate for a range of vehicle designs and interior design styles. When you’re driving across long distances, or simply for your daily commute, this is a great option. Try this new product today and make your journey more relaxing and enjoyable.

Suit For:

1.Car:Headrests in cars play a significant part in cars they not only provide security and comfort however, they also enhance the interior as well as improving the overall experience for drivers and passengers by offering the appropriate assistance.
2.Office Chairs: The addition of automotive headrests to office chairs could focus on providing extra back support as well as comfort for the neck, which can help in helping rise posture and ease the discomfort that comes with sitting for long periods of time and also enhancing the individualization and aesthetics of the office
3.Fitness Equipment: The headrests of fitness equipment in the form of automobiles could give more comfort for the neck as well as stability and comfort aiding to rise the overall experience during training and rise security. These can even be personalised with fitness gear, bringing design and aesthetic appeal for the product.


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