What is the difference between a
memory foam pillow and a latex pillow?


What is the real difference between a memory foam pillow and a latex pillow? It is a question we must ask when faced with the choice. There are a lot of explanations on the Internet, recently saw an article on the Internet, a large number of memory foam products, said "memory foam pillow is not a good pillow", "on the cervical spondylosis and the prevention and treatment, no benefit", stressing that "latex is the top bedding material in developed countries, but also in the domestic and international markets. Developed countries top bedding material, in the domestic still belongs to the luxury goods. I summed up this article memory foam and latex 10 performance, most of the affirmative attitude, but the end of the article concluded that there is touting latex, confuse latex and natural latex, disparaging memory foam, misleading national consumption suspicion. In order to let more people can scientifically identify the difference between the two, Crazy Bert felt that we should give you some popularity.
First of all, for the latex pillow is better than the memory foam pillow, must depend on the situation. We press the memory foam pillow and latex pillow material, feel, support, warmth and insulation properties, odour, adsorption, environmental properties, hazards and other aspects of the comparison, so that readers have a correct, scientific knowledge of memory foam and latex pillow.
1. Memory foam pillow and latex pillow material.
Memory foam pillows and latex pillows are made of a polymer material called polyurethane. Polyurethane produces memory foam and latex under different foaming conditions. Both are open cell structures and thus have the same function in water absorption and insulation, so latex, memory foam, and sponge are all sponges in nature. Latex pillows are denser than memory foam, so if you hold it in your hand, the same size pillow, memory foam pillows are lighter than latex pillows. So in the manufacture of raw materials, there is no superiority between the two.
2. Memory foam pillow and latex pillow feel.
Memory foam pillows and latex pillows have viscoelasticity and slow rebound. As mentioned above, the feel of latex pillows will be heavier. However, since memory foam pillows do not usually have dense ventilation holes in the cotton body and are less dense, they do not bounce in your hand. When you press the cotton body of the pillow under your hand, the memory foam is not as indented as latex. When choosing a product, we can go with our preference. If you like the feeling of being surrounded by fluffy cotton, you can choose a latex pillow. If you like a pillow with better support, you should choose memory foam.
3. Support of memory foam and latex pillows.
As mentioned above, the support of memory foam is better than latex pillows. Memory foam and latex foaming process are soft foam. The support of memory foam can be controlled by adjusting the foaming process of memory foam. From 25D-120D (D, sponge-like density unit). 120D memory foam has been very close to latex. In general, the higher the density, the greater the weight, the softer the better, but the support will be off the shelf. Generally speaking, our traditional concept of the pillow is relatively light, very few people want to pillow and heavy and soft pillow, also do not like to sleep when the neck and head deep into the pillow, so the lightness and support of the memory foam pillow is more suitable for the production of pillows.
4. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows of warmth and insulation properties.
Memory foam pillows and latex pillows compared to the memory foam warmth characteristics are better. Performance: hand on the memory foam pillow, memory foam perception of human body temperature, will slowly in accordance with the shape of the hand deformation. So memory foam pillow will not cause hard conflict on the human body's joints and muscles. Because of the warmth of the two characteristics, the human body's neck and head will produce a wrapping effect, for users with cervical spine, joint disease, they are more warm, in the case of higher temperatures, pain and discomfort will be reduced, so the memory foam pillow on the prevention and treatment of cervical spine disease, there are certain benefits. Of course, the ambient temperature can not be too hot, hot environment memory foam pillows and latex pillows are not applicable. However, many manufacturers, including Giyimi (Dremflavor) production of silicone pillows, the surface of the memory foam pillow covered with a layer of soft thermostatic silicone film, even in the summer use, will not feel hot, but soft and comfortable.
5. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows smell.
Memory foam pillows and latex pillows in the foaming process, there will be volatile odour generation. Many domestic merchants in the production of memory foam when the use of banned substances, so consumers in the process of use, especially the first week of time, must endure an unpleasant odour. This odour is volatile substances, potentially harmful to the human body. But the country already has more advanced production formulas and processes with higher manufacturing costs to produce odourless memory foam pillows. Many latex manufacturers, latex pillows in the foam after the design of a cleaning deodorisation process, can also effectively reduce the smell. Many manufacturers of memory foam pillows and latex pillows also add aromatics to the cotton body, making the product scented and having the effect of promoting sleep. High-end memory foam pillows should be odourless. Readers can personally go to Hong Kong HOME's physical shop to experience. Their memory foam pillows and latex pillows are really top quality. Of course, the price is not expensive.
6. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows adsorption capacity.
The open cell structure of memory foam and latex pillows makes them both breathable and moisture wicking. The breathing function of both does bring comfort to the user, but it is this function that makes memory foam and latex pillows more prone to the accumulation of water vapour, dust, hair and mites. High-quality memory foam pillow brand manufacturers usually add a cotton inner sleeve on the cotton body, this inner sleeve in the protective role of the jacket, to give the cotton body another layer of protection to reduce the pillow suffers from water vapour, dust, hair, mites and other subtle objects. So in the process of daily use, whether it is memory foam pillows or latex, often in the ventilated place to dry, pat, can keep the pillow clean. Latex pillows have many vents, and these large vents are more likely to allow harmful dust to linger, requiring even more careful maintenance during use. Natural latex contains oak protein, which can effectively inhibit the growth of mites and bacteria.
7. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows for environmental protection.
As memory foam and latex will produce toxic gases when burned just like burning a plastic bag. So they can be said to be environmentally friendly materials, but it is unavoidable. Polyurethane products have become essential in daily life. But memory foam pillows and latex pillows will age and decompose under sunlight. But natural degradation is a long process. Natural latex theoretically produces carbon dioxide and water when burned, but due to the addition of chemical blowing agents, etc. In the foaming process, gases harmful to the environment are still produced after burning.
8. The service life of memory foam pillows and latex pillows.
Good memory foam pillow in good maintenance, its life expectancy of up to 8-10 years. Cheap memory foam pillows on the market with about 1 year, due to internal open cells are broken, bacteria, human hair, dust invasion, hardening and other reasons, it shall not be replaced. High-quality latex pillows have a service life of up to 10-12 years. Because of the excessive internal perforation, there is better ventilation and air permeability in the initial use, but these spaces can give bacteria, insect body, hair, dust more existence environment. Because of the need for frequent drying, it inevitably accelerates the hardening of latex aging speed.
9. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows harm.
Too soft memory foam and latex pillows do not bring a good sense of comfort, but will affect the breathing of human skin. Will not turn over and turn the head of infants and young children and patients can not use too soft memory foam pillows and latex pillows, because memory foam pillows and latex pillows wrapped may cause suffocation.


In summary. Memory foam pillows and latex pillows are not very different in nature. Memory foam pillows have many characteristics superior to latex pillows, especially the price of memory foam pillows is much lower than the price of latex pillows, so that people do not have to spend a lot of money to experience a comfortable sleep. Latex pillow price is high, Taobao on the price of about 100 yuan, in fact, is not latex, but hydrophilic memory foam, latex pillow price should be in 3-400 yuan a, natural latex price is even higher than the memory foam pillow of 5, 6 times, in the 1000 yuan, high-quality brand latex pillow has its own pricing power, the price is even more expensive. Whether you choose memory foam pillows or latex pillows, you just need to know how to identify, you can pick the pillow to your heart's content.