Bert Huang

A senior foreign trade manager, a senior pillow product designer,
to provide a full range of customer satisfaction service


1.A Variety of Pillow Options: As your foreign trade director, my primary mission is to offer you one-stop solution to procuring all types of pillows at top quality and competitive pricing. No matter which option is most fitting to meet your requirements I can accommodate you with excellent options available for selection.
2.Professional international trade experience: My expertise extends across foreign exchange. I know all aspects of global trading processes as well as market trends and client demands; thus offering guidance that will assist your success on global markets.
3. Individual Services: I recognize the needs of every client differ, which is why I listen and interpret your requirements in order to deliver tailored services tailored specifically for you. No matter the size, shape packaging material requirements I can meet them all to guarantee satisfaction in meeting all desired fulfillments of requirements.
4. Honest Cooperation: As I follow the principles of honesty and responsible cooperation, always prioritizing customer needs as my top priority, I work tirelessly with each and every one of you to deliver top-quality products and services, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction in this business endeavor.
5. Continued Support and Services: I will go beyond helping with initial stages of cooperation to foster long-term, steady relationships between us that provide you with assistance when needed and services tailored specifically for you - be they any difficulties you experience, services you require or just general help and benefits you need to remain on course and succeeding! I look forward to building this with you.


1. Market Development in International Markets: I have participated and overseen the establishment of multiple international markets such as Europe, North America and Asia. With my intimate understanding of local requirements and trends I was successful in marketing our pillows more widely within these regions and increasing market share significantly.
2.Customer Relationship Management (CRM): I have established strong relationships with all sorts of customers ranging from retailers, hotels and distributors. My strengths lie in communicating effectively, coordination and quickly understanding customer requirements in order to provide prompt strategies that ensure satisfaction from my clients.
3.Supply Chain Management: I am experienced in overseeing every element of pillow production's supply chain process, such as purchasing raw materials, manufacturing quality pillows and quality assurance testing and distribution logistics. By maintaining strict coordination and management I ensure our quality product delivery times meet customer standards while remaining steady and dependable to provide our customers with stable supplies.
4.Market Analysis and Forecasting: I conducted extensive market analysis on pillows around the world in order to gain an in-depth knowledge of competition dynamics, growth trends and strategy adaptation in line with current market needs and provide additional clients with forecasts or advice that helps them gain advantage in both competition and the marketplace.
5. Capability to Resolve Issues: Working closely with clients means constantly facing various challenges like delivery delays and quality concerns; my special skill lies in swiftly and effectively resolving these problems while protecting both customer interests as well as upholding my company's image.


My degree was earned at Tongji University with a major in industrial design. Here are my skills in pillow design:
1.Creative Thought: My imagination and creativity allow me to produce original designs. Additionally, my keen observation skills enable me to come up with concepts which meet customer requirements while remaining market relevant.
2. Ergonomics: My knowledge and expertise in ergonomics allow me to design ergonomic pillows based on our bodies as well as sleeping habits and the anatomy. Support and comfort are my top priorities so as to guarantee our customer has an ideal sleeping experience with their pillow. 3. Process and material: I am aware of the different characteristics of technologies and materials and can select the appropriate materials and processes adequate to the requirements of the product to fulfill the concept of design and warrant the durability and quality that the final product will have.
4. Experience design for users: I concentrate on the user experience by incorporating the needs and feelings of users during the design process to warrant that users are able to use and the comfort that the products provide. I'm adept at enhancing the design of products through studies and tests to ensure that it is conforming to user expectations and needs.
5. Continuously learning and innovating: Learning and development: I am constantly acquiring and exploring new concepts in design and technologies, while keeping an eye on the evolution of the field, and continuously increasing my design skills and skill. I am prepared to take on the challenges and continue to pursue innovations to continually rise the marketability and competitive value of my products.