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Multifunctional Maternity Legs Memory Foam Knee Pillow: JYM055

Model NumberJYM055Product Net Weight600g
Product Specification26*21*14CMHardnessNormal Hardness
Outer CoverIce SilkColorBlue, Green, Purple, Gray
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingOpp Bag+Compression


The knee pillow was developed with ergonomics and adaptability with the intention to impart the most comfortable experience for users. More details are here:
1.B-shaped curvatures prepare optimal support to the legs, easing tension off the legs and ease tension: The knee pillow has an innovative B-shaped shape that can be placed comfortably around the curves of your legs to definitely spread pressure over them and alleviate discomfort and fatigue. It can be placed either under or between legs, it provides sufficient support, decreases pressure points, and relieves leg and knee fatigue and discomfort. This is ideal for people who are who sits or lies down for long time or needing support for their legs.
2.Adjustable Fixation Strap: The knee pillow has an adjustable strap that can be quickly and easily adjust to warrant an even cushion that will not move around when you use it. Adjust the elastic in the right way to ensure perfect support and to use. Quickly make adjustments because they’re simple and practical by allowing for quick changes and rapid adjustments!
3.There are many positions to choose from, including knee, calf and the lumbar region: The pillow’s flexible design can be adjusted to fit different regions of the body. From calf, knee and waist support as well as comfort throughout the process of alleviating pain in places of discomfort, creating an overall relaxing experience for the user.
4.Washable and Removable Cover: It makes keeping the pillows tidy for their use by providing both washable and removable cover that makes taking it it off and cleaning it simple. It features an invisible zipper that allows for easy removal and takeoff it provides you a pleasant cleaning experience every day. It gives users peace of mind knowing the pillow remains well-maintained and safe to use throughout the day! The washable/removable feature also extends its life, providing an unforgettable and exciting experience every time it’s utilized!
The knee pillow is not only distinctive in style, but it is also focused on the versatility and user-friendliness and makes it a useful and comforting companion for daily life. At home, at the office, or out and about it will help in providing you with high-quality comfort and support that makes your day easier to enjoy.

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Blue, Gray, Green, Purple

Our Benefits:

This knee cushion focuses on the comfort of the user as well as practical requirements in the design and material selection and the following are advantages in detail:
1.Ergonomic B-Shape Design: The knee pillow is designed with an ergonomic B-shape shape that is perfectly suited to with the curves that naturally form knees and knees. The B-shape efficaciously reduces pressure and gives precise support, which helps keep the natural spinal alignment and reduce pressure points in knees and legs. If you are sleeping on your side or your back it provides the ideal amount of support and eases pain from sitting or lying for long periods of time.
2.Soft, Comfortable and Resilient Memory Foam Pillow Fill: The inner filling material is made from high-quality memory foam that has superior softness and elastic. Memory foam is able to automatically adjust its shape like to the shape of your legs, ensuring the longest-lasting comfort and support. The cushion’s slow rebound assures that the cushion will quickly be back to its original form after use, ensuring it remains robust and as good as it was when new for long-term use.
3.Ice silk fabric gives an incredibly comfortable and skin-friendly experience:The outer layer of the knee pillow is constructed of Ice silk fabric, which is smooth with a cool touch delivering an exceptional skin-friendly feel. Ice silk fabric is not just excellent airflow and moisture absorption but will definitely sweat, keeping your skin hydrated, but also add a hint of coolness during the summer heat. This fabric feels soft, and long-lasting, appropriate for all skin types, but especially for people with sensitive skin.
4.A variety of colors to pick from:To accommodate the unique demands of different people This knee cushion is available in a range of colors. If you like traditional black and white shades or vibrant bright colors, there is the ideal color. The various colors available don’t just enhance the design of the item, but also can make your life more vibrant.
With its ergonomic design, top-quality memory foam with ice-silk material and an array of colors the knee pillow is a perfect companion to your everyday life. If you’re at home, at work or out and about the cushion provides you with a superior level of support and comfort. It will help you relax and relish every minute of rest.

Suit For:

1. Under a leg: It’s made to benefit keep the proper space and align between legs, which reduces tension on the legs and lower back while providing the most comfortable sleep. If one leg is placed under the pillow for the leg, it improves blood circulation between the legs and relieves tension and muscle fatigue in the leg muscles.
2. Under an ankle: If one’s ankle is positioned beneath the leg pinch pillow this helps keep an ankle relaxed posture, preventing excessive valgus and inversion and lessening the risk of ankle injuries. Additionally it eases the pressure on the ankle and offers the ankle with a cushion that provides comfort.
3. For side sleepers: Clip pillows provide relief by maintaining proper alignment between spine, legs and hips to alleviate tension on joints and spine; thus minimizing neck, back and hip discomfort that side sleepers might otherwise endure. Furthermore, leg pinch pillows offer added support by keeping legs from colliding against one another or colliding into ankles/knees causing potential collisions that lead to discomfort between legs or discomfort between ankles/knees resulting from collisions preventing collisions from ankles/knees thus further alleviating neck back/back and hip discomfort for side sleeping side sleeping side sleeping sufferers alike!
4. Between Knees: The primary function of leg pinch pillows between knees is to provide additional assistance and support to hips and knees, particularly those suffering from regular joint issues or who experience knee pain. Both knees were then put onto leg gripper cushions which maintain appropriate angles for their hips and knees while relieving tension from joints, relieving any potential discomfort which might develop due to joint pressure on joints – this may help alleviate pain in either area and offer much-needed comfort to these individuals.
5. Between Legs: The aim of placing a leg cushion between legs is to increase support and comfort, as well as help maintain normal space and alignment of thighs. Doing this reduces friction that could otherwise occur between knees, which could potentially cause irritation to skin or cause scrapes to the kneecaps; furthermore a leg pinch pillow could aid with maintaining normal hip posture, thus alleviating tension or pressure within hip joints.


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