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Memory Foam U-Shaped Travel Neck Pillow: QFC029

Model NumberQFC029Product Net Weight250g
Product Specification28*25*15cmHardnessNormal Hardness
Outer CoverMagnetic Fiber + Super Soft Spandex FabricColorBlack, Gray, Blue, Pink
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingDrawstring Bag


We’ve created a brand new U-shaped Travel Neck Pillow that is designed to help in providing unbeatable comfort and ease during your travels. The following are the specifications of the travel pillow:
1.U-Shape Design, Ergonomic Curve: This travel pillow has an U-shape shape that is shaped to fit the curvatures of your shoulders and neck offering complete support, eliminating the head from tilting, as well as reducing neck strain and pain.
2.HIGHER BACK AND FRONT ENDS VERTICAL SUPPORT DESIGN: The unique front and back ends offers more stability and support in the longitudinal direction to ensure you are definitely supported in all directions and is especially appropriate for long durations of travel in trains, planes, or even automobiles.
3.Invisible zipper, REMOVABLE OUTER COVER: The Travel Neck Pillow comes with a zipper that is invisible, which is stunning and practical. The outer cover is easily removed to clean to ensure that your pillow remains fresh and clean.
4.AFFORDABLE STORAGE: We’ve created a convenient storage function. The travel pillow can be folded and placed in storage, taking up small space and is it is easy to carry around. If it’s in your luggage bag, backpack, or purse it’s easy.
5.SIDE STORAGE POUCH: The side of the pillow is fitted with a storage compartment that is practical where you can keep eye masks, mobile phones, and other small objects that are easily accessible anytime.
This travel pillow in the shape of a U is not just elegant in design, but also aims to achieve perfection in every detail, supplying you with a loving travel companion for each journey. If you’re on either a short or long journey this pillow is your perfect companion when you travel.

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Blue, Gray, Black, Pink

Our Benefits:

Its U-shaped Travel Pillow offers a number of advantages that will assure your comfort while on the travels:
1.360-degree wrap-around support for stabilizing your neck: The distinctive U-shaped design that this pillow comes with gives 360-degree wrap-around support. It does this by energetically improving your neck by preventing your neck from shifting from side side due to bumps in the road. It also helps reduce the discomfort and strain on your neck. No matter if you’re sitting in a train, plane or driving the pillow will assure that you have an desirable neck support to ensure the most comfortable sleep.
2.High Quality Slow Rebound Memory Foam Core: The inner filling material is composed of premium soft rebound memory foam which is extremely soft and support. Memory foam is able to automatically adjust its shape to fit the shape of your neck. It provides exact support, decreasing pressure points, and improving the level of comfort. While at the same time the feature of slow rebound assures that the pillow will swiftly back to its original form after use to assure long-lasting durability.
3.Storage space that is convenient, and a washable and removable jacket:With convenience with convenience in the back of your mind The Travel Pillow can be easily compacted and stored and takes up a small amount of storage space which makes it perfect for travel. The cover is easily removed and washed, making it simple for you to maintain your pillows clean and tidy when you travel. You can simply take it apart and clean it in order so that your pillows stay clean and clean.
The travel pillow in the U shape isn’t just durable and user-friendly and comfortable, but it also addresses the needs of its users which makes it the perfect companion on your journeys. No matter if you’re taking the longest flight or just the shortest business trip It will serve you with the ultimate ease of use.

Suit For:

1.Plane: The U-shaped pillow provides passengers with the most comfortable neck rest during flight, helping reduce stress and fatigue as well as improving restfulness for improved sleeping on long journeys.
2.Train: A U-shaped cushion in a train car can provide added comfort and improve sleep quality while reducing body fatigue – helping passengers remain more relaxed throughout their trip.
3.Bus: U-shaped pillows in buses can provide extra comfort and improve sleeping quality for passengers, helping them travel more comfortably with reduced discomfort and ease.
4.At Home: The U-shaped pillow offers all the comfort of a cushion to allow you to unwind at home. Not only can it improve sitting posture and alleviate neck pain, it provides you with a truly relaxing moment right there in your own living room.
5.Children: The U-shaped cushion designed specifically for children provides a soft and comfortable cushion, improves posture, promotes relaxation and restful sleep, is easy to keep clean and maintain – ideal for both traveling as well as at-home children!
6.Office Workers: This U-shaped cushion designed for office workers offers comfortable neck support that improves posture, enhances productivity, decreases stress levels and is ideal for long day shift workers!
7.Travelers: This U-shaped pillow is an ideal travel companion, offering neck comfort and relief while sleeping better in higher quality beds, portable convenience and relief from tiredness caused by frequent travel.


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