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Memory Foam Seat Back Support Pillow-QFC057

Model Number QFC057 Product Net Weight 450g
Product Specification 38x26x13cm Hardness 16, Medium Soft
Outer Cover Cantonic Fabric Color White, Gray, Blue, Black, Pink
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing A vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag; Transparent opp bag; Color box


In order to cater to the lifestyle of urban white-collar workers, we have carefully designed the QFC057 memory foam seat back, a small back with ins style. It abandons the mainstream black heavy tone and dignified business men’s style on Amazon, bringing a fresh visual experience.

QFC057 Memory foam seat back support pillow
Design features:
Urban white-collar style: QFC057 brings a bright color to urban life with its small and delicate shape.
Slow rebound memory foam: Internally filled slow rebound memory foam is not only soft and comfortable, but also provides just the right amount of support.
Large bayonet expansion belt: The strong and heavy punch port expansion belt design makes the height adjustment of the waist easy and convenient.
Materials & Certification:
Soft and comfortable fabric: The fabric used in the pillow case is soft and skin-friendly, even if you wear a cool suspenders in summer, the skin on the back can feel cool and comfortable touch with the fabric.
Safety certification: All materials used are certified by OEKO-TEX and Rohs to ensure product safety and environmental protection.
Our QFC057 Memory foam seat back is designed for urban white-collar workers who seek quality and comfort. Whether in a busy office, or at home during leisure time, it provides the best support for your waist. You are welcome to consult more products and details, let us add a comfort and style to urban life.

Additional information


Blue, Gray, Black, Pink, White

Our Benefits:

Struggling with uncomfortable seating during long periods? Our lumbar support pillow offers the perfect solution for enhanced comfort and pain relief.
1.ACTUAL ORTHOPAEDIC RELIEF: Office chair cushion with unique convex and granule promotes superior support to ONLY the parts of your back a chair cushion should.
2.UNIQUE DESIGN: Bid farewell to generic back support! Our pillow boasts a patented, ergonomically engineered design that cradles your back for exceptional support and comfort, setting it apart from the competition.
3.MEMORY FOAM COMFORT: Crafted with premium memory foam, our pillow effectively absorbs pressure points, delivering instant relief from discomfort and pain. Enjoy the sensation of perfect support and gentle body contouring.
4.INSPIRED BY NASA G-FORCE: Who invested billions into their lumbar support pillow memory foam, ensuring astronauts maintain the physical strength and pain free bodies only back support for chair foam like this delivers.
5.DURABLLITY: Our pillow stands out with its luxurious, long-lasting fabric. Not only is it exceptionally comfortable, but it’s also highly breathable and durable. Say goodbye to wear and tear – our pillow is built to last. Plus, it’s removable and washable for added hygiene.
6.Easy clean: Our top quality lightweight cotton cover allows air to circulate through the pillow to prevent overheating. And don’t worry if the pillow gets dirty – we’ve got you covered! Simply slip the removable cover off the pillow and wash by hand.
7.OEKO-TEX TESTED FOR SAFETY: OEKO_TEX tests textile for over 1000 chemicals to ensure moms safety.
8.ROHS Tested: The memory foam pillow core passes Rohs test in SGS lab.

Suit For:

1.Back Pillow: The role of this lumbar cushion in the back pillow is mainly to provide lumbar support, correct sitting posture, enhance comfort and promote blood circulation, thus helping the user to maintain a good sitting posture, reduce back and lumbar discomfort, and enhance sitting comfort and health
2.Office Chair: The purpose of the lumbar cushion during the workplace is to provide more assistance, improving the posture of sitting, decreasing back pain and pressure in addition to offering extra comfort to benefit office workers remain in a healthy and comfortable sitting position during long work hours.
3.Drivers: The purpose of the lumbar cushion inside the driver’s seat is primarily in providing more cushioning to increase the driving posture and decrease back pain and lumbar pressure and also giving extra comfort to warrant that the driver is sitting well and healthy throughout long drives


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