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Memory Foam Car Headrest+Lumbar Support: QFC106

Model NumberQFC106Product Net Weight600g
Product Specification26*25*10cm, 39*29*6cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverSynthetic FiberColorBlack, Gray, Pink, Green
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingOpp Bag


Our lumbar cushion+Headrest made of memory foam incorporates ergonomics with high-quality material to deliver our customers with superior comfort and support for your lumbar region. Here are the main attributes of design:
1.Ergonomically designed: A lumbar Cushion +Headrest was designed using the principles of ergonomics to definitely help support the lumbar area and give appropriate massage and pressure alleviation effects. The design assists in maintaining the correct posture of sitting, decrease back pain and energetically alleviate lumbar pain.
2.It is not easy to write down and LONG-TIME RELIEF as NEW: The material we choose is of high-quality memory foam for the lumbar cushion. Its unique elasticity and strength ensure that the lumbar cushion remains in shape and stability for long periods of time and it isn’t easy to create wrinkles. After a prolonged period of usage, the lumbar cushion+Headrest is able to remain in pristine condition and provide your with lasting comfort.
3.Comfort REDUCING PRESSURE: Memory foam offers excellent properties for reducing pressure. It is a natural fit to the shape of your body as well as pressure points definitely reduces pressure on the back and providing an incredibly comfortable feeling of support. If you’re working for in long hours or driving for far distances, the lumbar cushion+Headrest is able to deliver users with a relaxing sitting position, which allows the user to be relaxed and at ease both mentally and physically.

The lumbar cushion + Headrest made of memory foam has an ergonomic shape that is wrinkle resistant and provides pressure-reduction comfortable to give an array of comfort and support for the lower back. With this lumbar cushion + headrest it will give you a pleasant sitting position, lessen the discomfort of a lumbar spine and safeguard your back health.

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Gray, Green, Black, Pink

Our Benefits:

Our memory foam lumbar pillow plus headrest is made of high-end material and a human-centered design to prepare the user with all-round neck and lumbar support. these are the main benefits:
1.TOP QUALITY FOAM CORE: The lumbar cushion as well as the headrests are constructed of top quality memory foam that has great elasticity and resiliency. The memory foam material molds natural to your body’s shape and pressure points. This provides customized support, decreasing tension on your lumbar region and neck and definitely helping to ease discomfort and fatigue.
2.Comfortable SKIN-FRIENDLY FINGER: The pillows for the lumbar and headrests comprise a soft skin-friendly fabric, which is supple and supple to the touch. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking capabilities to ensure that you stay fresh and dry and you will not feel uneasy or swollen after long periods of usage.
3.Portable and detachable: The cushions for the lumbar and headrests are made to be light and simple to carry so it is easy to utilize them for different occasions. However they’re designed to be easily washable and removeable to make cleaning and maintenance easy. The fabric can be removed for washing at any point to warrant it is clean and tidy and extend the lifespan of your fabric.
This memory foam lumbar pillow plus headrest gives you an all-round comfortable and supportive support system that includes a high-quality cotton, a soft and comfortable skin-friendly material, and detachable and washable options to suit the needs of different situations. If you’re in the office, in your home, or taking a lengthy journey, these cushions will give you a relaxing sitting experience that allows you to feel relaxing and relief.

Suit For:

1.Office Chair: The purpose of lumbar cushioning in office chairs is to provide extra help to boost sitting posture and lessen the lumbar strain and discomfort in addition to giving extra comfort to ensure an appropriate and healthy posture throughout the office day.
2.Gaming chair: The purpose of lumbar cushions on gaming chairs is to provide extra help to boost the posture of a person sitting and decrease back pain and pressure and also giving more comfort to ensure that gamers are at ease and well-maintained throughout long gaming sessions.
3.Drivers: The purpose of the lumbar cushion inside the driver’s seat is primarily in providing more cushioning to increase the driving posture and decrease back pain and lumbar pressure and also giving extra comfort to warrant that the driver is sitting well and healthy throughout long drives


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