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2024 Newest Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow: JYM060

Model NumberJYM060Product Net Weight1200g
Product Specification60×38×12cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverAirborne CottonColorGray, Blue
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingColor Box


We’ve introduced a new pillow for sleep specifically designed to improve the quality of your sleep Here are its distinctive features:
1.Ergonomically designed: This bed pillows has been made to comfortably offer the accurate support and comfort. If you’re lying on your side, back or belly, this Sleeping Pillow helps keep your spine in a natural alignment it helps reduce the pressure on your shoulders and neck and assists you in achieving deep sleep.
2.Positive and reverse design: The Sleeping Pillow has both negative and positive designs and offers various ways to use it:
Positive side: by with the its traction function, it is able to efficaciously ease the cervical vertebrae and ease neck pain caused from long hours of work or poor posture during sleep.
Reverse: Breathable and comfy style ensures air circulation, and prevents the sensation of being stuffed and allows you to have a pleasant sleep. the cool, comfortable rest even in hot temperatures.
3.ZONE DESIGN FOR PERFECT sleeping positions: The pillow is made up of various zones that are specialized that help in providing individualized support for various sleeping positions:
A Side Sleeping Zone Provides additional height and support for maintaining the natural curvature of the spine and neck and to prevent shoulder compression.
Doing your bed on your back The recessed central area helps the head sink naturally, and also reduces pressure on the cervical spine.
Top sleeping space The top sleeping area has a lower ceiling and soft filling to reduce facial compression, while ensuring the ability to breathe easily.
This pillow for sleep is not just focused on specifics in its design however, it also strives for top quality when it comes to the selection of materials used to assure you get a comfy and healthy night’s sleep every night. It is available on the front or back, you’ll be able to choose the ideal sleep position for you, regardless of what position you’re in. This pillow is the perfect option for you to rise overall quality and comfort of sleeping.

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Blue, Gray

Our Benefits:

We’ve introduced a revolutionary sleeping pillow committed to giving you the excellent possible sleeping experience. These are the main benefits:
1.High-Quality Memory Foam Core: The pillow is made using a premium memory foam that is shaped to the curvature of your neck and head to prepare the best support and the most comfortable experience. Memory foam has excellent cushioning properties that will energetically help disperse the pressure and benefit you to keep the accurate posture during sleep. It can also decrease the amount of times you roll over in bed and increase sleep quality. your sleep.
2.MULTIPLE Colors available: To satisfy the needs of each users, we have many different colors to pick from. If you like traditional neutral tones or modern colors, you’ll be able to find a cushion that suits to your personal preferences and fits with the decor of your bedroom perfectly.
3.Comfortable and SKIN-LIGHT FABRIC: The pillowcase is made from luxurious and skin-light, high-quality fabric that feels smooth and soft and breathable and is able to efficaciously regulate temperature of your pillow to keep it dry and comfy. Even during the summer heat it is possible to relax and sleep in a cool, refreshing way.
4.MASSAGE Particle DESIGN: The pillow’s surface is crafted with massage particles, which gently massage your neck and head while you are asleep and benefit boost blood circulation and ease stress and fatigue. This design will not only help to fall asleep faster and easily, but also allows you to take pleasure in the luxury of a massage as you sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

This sleep pillow is made up of the highest-quality memory foam and a broad range of colors, soft lightweight fabrics and massage particles that are designed to offer additional the perfect sleeping space. If you are looking to ease neck pain or for a more comfortable sleep the mattress will fulfill your needs and make each evening a complete delight.

Suit For:

1. Side Sleeping: Our pillow was specifically created to offer maximum support and comfort to those who sleep on their sides, in hopes of decreasing pressure on the head, face, and neck as well as ensuring normal body alignment for a more restful night’s rest.
2.Supine: Our pillow was specifically designed to provide additional comfort and support for those sleeping supine, maintaining natural alignment of head neck, spine and lungs; alleviating pressure and discomfort while increasing breathing capabilities and providing for a more restful night’s rest for those supine sleepers.
3. Stomach Sleeping: While prone sleeping can be detrimental to spinal health and neck support, our pillows have been specifically designed to ease any associated discomfort while providing support and comfort during their time spent prone. By doing so, they aim to enhance sleep experience for those who wish to do this type of sleeping position.
4.Back Sleeping: With this pillow designed specifically to provide support and comfort to supine sleepers, we aim to maintain their natural position of head, spine and neck alignment; minimize pressure or discomfort caused by sleeping this way; promote breathing through increase; as well as provide more peaceful and restful nights sleep for them.
5.Travelers: We’ve created this sleep pillow to favor travelers with a mobile sleeper that is comfortable and a versatile solution that lets you get a restful night’s sleep wherever you go, and get the most out of your travel experience.
6.Campers: We created this pillow for you to favor camping enthusiasts with a mobile sleeper that is comfortable and a versatile solution to get a good night’s rest while camping in the wild and enjoying the natural beauty.


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