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2024 Newest Butterfly Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow: JYM052

Model NumberJYM052Product Net Weight1250g
Product Specification62*41*13cmHardnessNormal Hardness
Outer CoverIce Fabric+Air LayerColorGray+White, Blue+White
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingOPP Bag


This Butterfly memory foam sleep pillow features the following distinctive style:
1.Ingenious BUTTERFLY-SHAPED DESIGN: Pillow is unique with its butterfly-shaped design that has a stylish and stunning appearance, but also an atomic structure to improve the support of the neck and head and focus on providing users with an enjoyable sleep. The butterfly-shaped curve assists in evenly distributing pressure and help reduce neck strain.
2.It is designed to fit the neck and improves the curvature and physiological curve that the cervical spine has. The pillow is specifically designed to be a perfect fit for the curvature that the neck has and grant the proper support needed to benefit keep the natural neck curvature. This design eases tension on the neck and shoulders, helping to prevent stiffness and pain in the night.
3.The Butterfly memory foam pillow can be slept on both sides, you can pick between both low and high pillow tops: Both ends of the pillow are made to be different sizes that allow users to select the ideal level adequate to their preferences. If they prefer support that is higher or a less supportive one. They can choose the appropriate sleep position that will boost the quality of sleep.
4.SILKY FABRIC that reduces slumber STICKS: The cover of the pillow is made from silky fabric with a soft and comfy texture. This helps minimize the indentation of the face when you sleep. The silky fabric is ventilated, making sure that the pillow remains dry and comfortable throughout its usage.
5.METAL ZIPPER WITHOUT SNAGING SECTION: The pillow jacket comes fitted with a top-quality zipper made of metal, which is well-designed and doesn’t catch easily. The use of zippers made of metal does not just facilitate the removal and clean-up from the garment, it enhances the durability and aesthetics of the pillow.
Together the design elements make the butterfly-shaped memory sleep pillow that blends design, functionality, and comfort to impart the user with an excellent sleeping experience.

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Blue, Gray, White

Our Benefits:

This Memory Foam Floral Sleep Pillow comes with these advantages:
1.High-Quality Memory Foam Core: The interior part of this pillow constructed from high-quality memory foam that detects the temperature and pressure of the neck and head and adjusts itself to deliver individualized support. The memory foam of high-end core is extremely resilient and durability, making sure that the pillow will maintain its shape and support even when used for a long time.
2.The cover is removable and WASHABLE Cover for the pillow: The pillow cover has been designed to be easily removed, which makes it easy for the user to clean it often in order to assure that it stays clean and healthy. The fabric used in the cover is made from top-quality fabric that is soft and skin-friendly. It is also durable and it will continue to retain its softness and comfort after washing.
3.AWESOME BUTTERFLY SHAPE OF APPEARANCE: The pillow has an unique butterfly-shaped design that is both visually attractive and comfortable. The butterfly-shaped design is not only a way to increase the aesthetic appeal of the pillow, but it also assists in supporting the neck and head with a uniform pressure distribution, and improving sleeping comfort.
4.Two height design: The pillow is made to be able to accommodate two distinct heights in order to satisfy the requirements of various users. No matter if you prefer a tall or low-profile pillow you will choose the ideal height for an improved sleep. This adjustable height feature will assure the suitability and flexibility for the cushion.
5.It is appropriate for a variety of sleep positions: Whether sleep on your side, back or belly, the cushion will provide excellent support and ease of use. The butterfly shape and characteristics of memory foam assure that the pillow is able to adapt to a range of sleeping positions, and preserves the natural curvatures of the neck and head and helps reduce pressure points and discomfort.
This flowery memory foam pillow not just help in providing great quality and ease of use as well as an aesthetically appealing shape and design that provides users with an unbeatable sleep experience.

Suit For:

1. Side Sleeping: Our pillow was specifically created to offer maximum support and comfort to those who sleep on their sides, in hopes of decreasing pressure on the head, face, and neck as well as ensuring normal body alignment for a more restful night’s rest.
2.Supine: Our pillow was specifically designed to provide additional comfort and support for those sleeping supine, maintaining natural alignment of head neck, spine and lungs; alleviating pressure and discomfort while increasing breathing capabilities and providing for a more restful night’s rest for those supine sleepers.
3. Stomach Sleeping: While prone sleeping can be detrimental to spinal health and neck support, our pillows have been specifically designed to ease any associated discomfort while providing support and comfort during their time spent prone. By doing so, they aim to enhance sleep experience for those who wish to do this type of sleeping position.
4.Back Sleeping: With this pillow designed specifically to provide support and comfort to supine sleepers, we aim to maintain their natural position of head, spine and neck alignment; minimize pressure or discomfort caused by sleeping this way; promote breathing through increase; as well as provide more peaceful and restful nights sleep for them.
5.Travelers: We’ve created this sleep pillow to favor travelers with a mobile sleeper that is comfortable and a versatile solution that lets you get a restful night’s sleep wherever you go, and get the most out of your travel experience.
6.Campers: We created this pillow for you to favor camping enthusiasts with a mobile sleeper that is comfortable and a versatile solution to get a good night’s rest while camping in the wild and enjoying the natural beauty.


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