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Wedge Pregnancy Pillow-JYM039

Model NumberJYM039Product Net Weight450g
Product Specification38x26x13cmHardness16, Medium Soft
Outer CoverPolyester; Cotton FabricColorWhite, Gray, Blue, Black, Pink
Core MaterialVisco-Elastic Memory FoamPackingA vacuum PE bag and Rolling tube handle bag; transparent opp bag; color box




JYM039 Memory foam semi-circular maternity pillow: comfortable sleep during pregnancy, gentle care
1.All night long throughout pregnancy: JYM039 Memory foam semi-circular pregnancy pillow is the most intimate companion for pregnant mothers. We are aware of the importance of sleeping late for women who are pregnant, and so we designed this semi-circular pillow to alleviate the problem that comes with sleeping on one side of women who are pregnant.
2.Versatile Design: JYM039 isn’t just appropriate to sleep on the side, but it can also be positioned between knees in order to bring more assistance for women in labor and benefit alleviate tension on the abdomen and waist.
3.Memory Foam Material: chosen memory cotton is a unique material with soothing properties that can softly assist the abdomen as well as the baby, ensuring the security and comfort of pregnant moms and babies.
4.Skin Friendly Fabric: The pillow is made from pure cotton fabric which helps to make the skin soft and airy, which ensures a pleasant and dry sleep.
5.Exquisite Design: The mesh on the sides not only improves the ambiance that the cushion has, but improves its breathability, helping the JYM039 obtain the perfect equilibrium between functionality and beauty.
Choosing JYM039 memory foam semi-circular maternity pillow is to invest in the upcoming new life and the quality of your sleep. Experience it now and let the gentle support accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

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Blue, Gray, Black, Pink, White

Our Benefits:

1.PREGNANCY PILLOW FOR SLEEPING AND MORE: Get comfortable with JYM pregnancy pillow. The small pregnancy pillow that provides big relief. Pregnancy support – belly support for sleeping, back support for sitting, or use between your knees or legs for comfort. Ideal wedge pillow pegnancy or post pregnancy. Perfect pregnancy pillow side sleeper pillow. Great pregnancy gift.
2.SIDED SOFT OR FIRM MEMORY FOAM WEDGE PILLOW: You decide your comfort level, the pregnancy wedge pillow has one side that is firm while the other is soft, face the side that meets your comfort level. The perfect pregnancy gift – pregnant pillow that will surely be enjoyed.
3.Ventilated design: The pillow core has 68 breathable honeycomb holes, which can maximize the air circulation and make the sleep cool and comfortable.
4.OEKO-TEX TESTED FOR SAFETY: OEKO_TEX tests textile for over 1000 chemicals to ensure moms safety.
ROHS Tested: The memory foam pillow core passes Rohs test in SGS lab.
5.Good looking Pillow COVER: Ultra soft and comfortable cover, 100% cotton on skin touch side is removable for easy washing. Pamper yourself with the luxurious and smooth cover, sure to be your favorite pillow for all nine months. machine washable. Pillow is ventilated to keep cool and comfortable. Pregnancy pillow wedge is ideal for all stages of pregnancy.
6.SMALL AND PORTABLE YET BIG ON COMFORT: Easy to take along. Use in bed, take to your couch or on your next trip. The pregnancy wedge pillow is small enough to travel with and provides belly support and proper positioning to give you the good nights rest you deserve because in a few short months t may be a LONG time till you get a good nights rest.

Suit For

1.Maternity: It offers the full support and comfort needed to benefit women who are pregnant to get over their labor and have an easier pregnancy.
2.Side Sleeping: This pillow for pregnant women provides the fullest support and comfort to those who sleep on their sides, enabling them maintain a healthy sleep posture, alleviate discomfort and increase the quality of sleep.
3.Under Belly: This pillow for maternity provides the necessary support and comfort to the abdomens of women who are pregnant to benefit them to get through the pregnancy, lessen the discomfort, and rise the quality of their sleeping.
4.Between Legs: The maternity leg pillow will efficaciously offer additional assistance and support to the legs of women who are pregnant and benefit them maintain the proper posture throughout sleep which reduces discomfort and improves the quality of their sleep.
5.Between Knee: This maternity leg cushion provides excellent support and comfort between the knees of women who are pregnant aiding them in maintaining the proper body posture during sleep, alleviating discomfort and enhancing the quality of their sleep.


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