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U-shaped Memory Cotton Travel Pillow-QFC017

Model Number QFC017 Product Net Weight 450g
Product Specification 30x30x10cm Hardness 16, Medium Soft
Outer Cover 100% Cotton Color Gray
Core Material Visco-Elastic Memory Foam Packing Cellection Drawing Bag



The QFC017 U-shaped Memory foam travel pillow is your indispensable companion on long journeys. This classic old U pillow provides unprecedented support for your neck with its slow rebound memory foam core and wonderful circular shape. Whether on a plane or on a long car trip, the QFC017 ensures that you won’t be woken up by a sudden tilt of your head during a nap.

Innovative design: We equipped QFC017 U pillow with a blackout hat, wide and relaxed design, not only can effectively block the light that disturbs sleep, but also with a fashionable cool sense, so that you can rest at the same time, but also maintain personality style.

Selected fabric: The hat design of pure cotton striped fabric and double fabric is not only strong and durable, but also shows quality. Absorbent and breathable, ensuring you are comfortable and dry during use.

Exquisite workmanship: Every detail has been carefully crafted, from the stitching to the choice of fabric, reflecting our pursuit of quality. The QFC017 is a stylish addition to your travel kit.

Choose the QFC017 U-shaped Memory Cotton travel pillow to make every trip easier and more enjoyable. Experience it now and start a new chapter in your comfortable travel!

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Our Benefits

1.UPGRADED HOODIE TRAVEL PILLOW: The hooded design helps shield your eyes from the light, no need to carry an extra sleep mask, allowing you to sleep and relax more easily.
2.ERGONOMIC HEAD & NECK RELAXER: With the perfect hump design, the 2 high points can support and better fix your neck. V-shaped curvature at the back of the neck will prevent pushing the head forward. Curves design on both sides will better wrap your neck and free your chin and also be a good choice for side sleepers.
3.100% PURE MEMORY FOAM: The travel pillow is made with high-quality rebound memory foam that is non-toxic and non-allergenic. Its temperature sensing, makes the neck rest pillow fits your neck perfectly. The head pillow with 5 seconds returns technology is firm enough to hold the head at a healthy angle but soft enough to alleviate pressure points.
4.SUPER SOFT & BREATHABLE COVER: The lining of our travel neck pillow uses magnetic therapy cloth, which is a moisture-wicking fabric, that can keep the neck dry, and give you a cool and breathable feel. And the outer fabric is an abrasion-resistant composite gauze that is built to last a long time, even after the rigors of travel. The removable pillow case is machine washable, but do not wash the sponge or expose it to the sun.
5.PORTABLE PILLOW FOR LONG FLIGHTS: The plane pillow was designed for portability and comfort. It comes with a portable travel bag that allows the neck pillow to compress down to a smaller size. With its snap strap, this flight pillow can be attached to your carry-on luggage without taking up extra space.
6.OEKO-TEX TESTED FOR SAFETY: OEKO_TEX tests textile for over 1000 chemicals to ensure moms safety.
7.ROHS Tested: The memory foam pillow core passes Rohs test in SGS lab.

Suit For

1.Airplanes: Perfect airplane pillow for long flight as the shape of our memory foam travel pillow molds ideally to the contours of your neck
2.Car: If a driver or passenger is in a single position for a prolonged duration it is common to feel tension and pressure on the neck. the U-shaped pillow may benefit in relieving this tension by offering more neck and head support, as well as making the journey more comfortable.
3.Train: U-shaped pillows are made to energetically assist neck posture and offer additional an incredibly soft cushion to benefit passengers feel more comfortable throughout their journey. The purpose of U-shaped pillows on trains can be used to rise the ride experience and decrease neck fatigue and discomfort that can result from long travel.
4.Coach: In passenger vehicles, there are often lengthy trips and passengers are required to be able to sit comfortably on their chairs. The U-shaped pillow was designed to provide greater neck support as well as favor an extra cushion to assure comfort on the ride.
5.Office: The U-shaped pillow was created to benefit to support the neck, promoting good posture for the head and neck, and alleviating tension and strain over the neck. It also has the ability to serve the comfort of a cushion to boost the level of comfort while sitting, increasing comfort and productivity.
6.Compurter, reading and watching TV: When we surf the Internet, read or watch TV for a long time, our cervical vertebrae will feel tired. Prolonged immobility will cause damage to the cervical spine, and the U-shaped pillow can effectively reduce the damage.


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