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2024 Newest Floral Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow: JYM053

Model NumberJYM053Product Net Weight1300g
Product Specification62*35*13cmHardnessNormal Hardness
Outer CoverIce Fabric+Air LayerColorGray+white
Core MaterialMemory FoamPackingOpp Bag+Color Box


This Floral Memory Foam sleep pillow comes with the following distinctive design features:
1.Surface-raised particles that have a massage purpose: the pillow is constructed with elevated particles on its surface, which gently massage neck and head while you sleep, helping ease tension, improve blood circulation, and boost the quality of sleep.
2.The flower shape is a DESIGN, ERGONOMICAL: The pillow is shaped with an elongated flower shape. It is designed ergonomically to focus on providing more the neck’s and head’s support, assuring that the user feels comfortably supported in all sleeping positions and lessening pressure on the cervical spine.
3.Two heights designed to meet the needs of more users: The Floral Memory Foam pillow is made using two heights in order to accommodate the different needs of users. If you’re looking for a high or a low one you will find the ideal height to improve your sleep.
4.Skin-friendly and BREATHABL ice silk pillow jacket: This pillow cover is constructed of breathable and skin-friendly ice silk fabric that feels soft and cosy with excellent breathability, that can quickly release hot air and maintain the cushion comfortable and dry particularly appropriate for use in summer.
5.Metal zipper that is not snagging: the pillow jacket has high-quality metal zippers with delicate designs, which isn’t difficult to pull off and is simple to remove and clean, which ensures the hygiene and cleanliness of the pillow over its long-term usage.
Together, these styles provide a superior sleep pillow that is both comfortable and practicality, allowing users with a better night’s sleep.

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Gray, White

Our Benefits:

This flowery memory foam sleep pillow has these advantages:
1.A HIGH-QUALITY MEMORY FOAM CORE: The interior part of your pillow constructed of top-quality memory foam that is able to automatically adapt in accordance with the form and the weight of your neck and head offering perfect support and the ultimate comfort. The memory foam material is known for its outstanding durability and a long-lasting resilience which ensures that the pillow will retain its supporting properties even after prolonged usage.
2.A REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE Cover for the pillow: The cover for the pillow is made to be washable and removable. machine washable. This makes it simple for people to clean it frequently in order to warrant that it stays clean and healthy. The premium fabric will retain it’s softness, durability and comfort even after several washes, making the pillow last as good as new.
3.AWESOME APPEARANCE SHAPE: Pillow is designed with a floral design that is distinctive and stunning in appearance, which enhances both the design and functionality and functionality of this pillow. The floral design is not just beautiful however, it is it is also a good ergonomic design, providing customers with a more relaxed sleep.
4.Two-Height Design: The pillow is available in two different heights, allowing it to accommodate the different needs of users. People who like greater support as well as those who prefer less support will be able to find the ideal level for them, making sure that everyone is in the perfect sleeping position.
5.It is appropriate for a variety of sleep positions: The flowery design and the high-quality memory foam makes this pillow appropriate to a variety of sleeping positions. Whether you are sleeping on your side, back or stomach. The pillow offers good support and a comfortable. The ergonomic design makes sure that the pillow conforms to the natural curvature of the neck and head at any position of sleep which reduces pressure and prevents whiplash-related issues.
The advantages of these two make these advantages make this Flower Memory Foam Sleeping Pillow an excellent product that is attractive and practical, providing customers with an exceptional sleep experience.

Suit For:

1. Side Sleeping: Our pillow was specifically created to offer maximum support and comfort to those who sleep on their sides, in hopes of decreasing pressure on the head, face, and neck as well as ensuring normal body alignment for a more restful night’s rest.
2.Supine: Our pillow was specifically designed to provide additional comfort and support for those sleeping supine, maintaining natural alignment of head neck, spine and lungs; alleviating pressure and discomfort while increasing breathing capabilities and providing for a more restful night’s rest for those supine sleepers.
3. Stomach Sleeping: While prone sleeping can be detrimental to spinal health and neck support, our pillows have been specifically designed to ease any associated discomfort while providing support and comfort during their time spent prone. By doing so, they aim to enhance sleep experience for those who wish to do this type of sleeping position.
4.Back Sleeping: With this pillow designed specifically to provide support and comfort to supine sleepers, we aim to maintain their natural position of head, spine and neck alignment; minimize pressure or discomfort caused by sleeping this way; promote breathing through increase; as well as provide more peaceful and restful nights sleep for them.
5.Travelers: We’ve created this sleep pillow to favor travelers with a mobile sleeper that is comfortable and a versatile solution that lets you get a restful night’s sleep wherever you go, and get the most out of your travel experience.
6.Campers: We created this pillow for you to favor camping enthusiasts with a mobile sleeper that is comfortable and a versatile solution to get a good night’s rest while camping in the wild and enjoying the natural beauty.


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