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JYM Pillow is one of the leading suppliers of memory foam products with over 10 years in the business. We have a wide selection of memory foam products: Sleeping Pillow, Travel Neck Pillow, Seat Cushion, Lumbar Cushion, Knee Pillow and Car Headrest. These memory foam products are built to the highest standard, odorless and cost-effective. Contact us via email or the 'Contact' page to help you find the right memory foam products today!

Our Clients Said

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QFC022: This was the perfect travel neck pillow for ALL SLEEPERS. I used it on my most recent trip after losing my other one and I had no neck aches or pains after sleeping the whole (3hr) flight. I like how you can roll it up and make it compact. After you unroll it, it expands quickly. The fabric didn't make my neck sweat while tightened. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for people who have trouble sleeping (I'm 6ft tall) in a comfortable position on long flights.

------Emily Watson CEO
QFC047: Wow, never knew what a difference a cushion/seat could make. I originally bought this because we were attending a tennis tournament with metal bleachers for three days. And it worked great for that. But then I took it on 4-day road trip. Normally, the seat in my husband's car makes my butt hurt and gives me sciatica with an hour or two. But with this seat, I had no pain at all over the course of four days. This cushion does exactly what I needed it to; lifts me up a couple inches so I can see over the hood of my truck. It is also very easy on the behind. I have not made any trips longer than a few hours but this summer when I start kayaking and drive 4 hours and sit in a kayak 4-6 hours I am anticipating a much more comfortable ride home.

------Jacob Bennett Marketing Manager
QFC023: I work from home a lot of sitting, was having so much trouble with my sciatica it has been a life changer, I have two one for home and one I leave in my car. My mother is in a wheelchair and she loves it, I have recommended this to at least 20 of friends and family and they also love it.

------ Ryan Mitchell
QFC002: I work from home a lot these days and have been using a chair that offered no lower back support. Sitting for the prolonged amount of hours can be a real stress on that area of your back. I've always enjoyed real nice lower back support but never thought of simply buying an add-on to my existing chair to improve the quality of it. Low and behold, this does the trick. It is easily adjustable with the band that slips around it. You can move it up or down with ease once your back gets adjusted to it so you can re-apply the pressure. It has has honestly made it better to work these longer hours in the chair and I wouldn't work from home without it at this point. It is a necessity.

------ Olivia Parker CEO
QFC078: The most salient feature of this pad is its size - about 20% broader than a standard seat cushion. It arrives rolled in a zippered tube, compressed to within an inch of its life. Don't pay attention to the way it looks when unpacked, it will expand in under half an hour to full size. The material behaves like memory foam, but many times more firm. I found it to be comfortable, however if you're looking for a very soft cushion this is certainly soft enough, but geared more toward resilience and support. The reviewer who put the cushion on backwards is right; this is like a shock-absorbing insole for your chair. The split in the back portion is designed to avoid compressing your tailbone while sitting for extended periods.

------ Ethan Sullivan Marketing Manager
JYM001: I cannot tell you how many neck pillows I have bought only to find they are way too tall. I assume a majority of these were made with the size of a man's shoulder in mind? Regardless, I am absolutely in love with this pillow. I was able to remove the center, and it is perfect. My neck has not given me much trouble since I started using this pillow. It's not too firm yet not too soft. Especially if you are a woman who has had trouble and felt like you had to get the butcher knife out to trim the height of your cervical pillow down? If this sounds like you I highly recommend you by this pillow. I am so happy that I found this pillow. I have two bulging discs in my neck and the left side of one of my discs has moderate to severe flattening.

------- Madison Reynolds CEO
JYM008: Tried so many pillows. You get what to you paid for. This pillow is between firm and soft. It doesn't make my head hot. I dont sweat on it and it does contour to your head. No more neck pain. Comfortable either back or side sleeping.

------ Noah Thompson CEO
JYM003: I purchased this because I am tall with a long neck and need good support. On top of that I have sleep apnea. I have struggled with many pillows over the years. This pillow has some of the best reviews so I took a chance and I was pleased! Not as thick as some of the pillows out there. And squeezing the material in my hand I had my doubts about the firmness and support claims, but I tried it out. LOVED IT IMMEDIATELY! I got such a good night sleep! I do not find it overly firm - I find it perfect for me. I would love to see this as a king size variant of this product as it is a bit smaller than I am used to, but otherwise it just works. Love it! Will order again when I need to!

------ Lily Evans Purchase
QFC012: It works great for my Corsair T60 gaming chair . The adjustable strap is just the right length and the top strap keeps it in place. I ordered it last week when the price was $12.99. It comes with a cloth carry case. It was fully expanded out of the case. I measured it and the picture dimensions, except for the width, are correct. The bottom of it is 9.8" wide, the top is 10.8" wide. The memory foam is comfortable. There is just enough give to it to give my head support.

---------- Alexander Hayes CEO
JYM039: Following heart surgery I need to sleep elevated , and on my back. Last night this 7.5” wedge provided comfortable elevation while my sobakawa pillow provided gentle but firm support for my neck and head. I can’t rate long-term use because I received it yesterday, but it worked perfectly last night. I didn’t detect an odor, or slide down while sleeping, but that may have been prevented by the memory foam pillow under my knees. I slept really well. Another tip for heart patients: I also used sobakawa pillows to support my arms to prevent strain on my sternotomy, and for the first two weeks I had much more elevation from an adjustable bed. I would recommend this product.

------ Benjamin Foster CEO


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Yes, we can offer you a sample for quality checking.

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