Memory Foam Car Headrest

Bert Huang

JYM Memory Foam Car Headrest:
Can also save the life of passengers in traffic accidents


In our cars, the car headrest plays a very critical role. It can provide neck support, reduce fatigue and comfortable driving experience, but also with in traffic accidents to reduce the collision on the human head and neck injuries, in critical moments may also be able to save the life of passengers.

What is memory foam car headrest

Car headrest is a driving comfort configuration supplies and safety supplies. In the vehicle rear-end collision, the human body due to inertia will fall back, when the vehicle acceleration or deceleration of the pressure are concentrated in the human body's fragile neck and head, and the headrest plays a buffer role to protect the human head. There are many fillers for car headrests, such as hollow cotton, fluffy cotton, memory foam and so on. Filled with memory foam car headrest is memory foam headrest. Car headrests belong to the national automotive mandatory certification testing program, from the material, strength, energy absorption, location and size, etc. There are strict regulations. National standards, only the front seat configuration of the car headrest provisions, and whether the rear seat configuration of the car headrest is not mandatory, such as the European Union's mandatory automotive standards are not mandatory for the rear seat car headrest provisions of this item. Memory foam car headrest curve design conforms to the curvature of the human head, neck and shoulders. If there are individual differences, it can also change with the human body contact. The level of comfort is determined by the quality of the inner core memory foam and the fabric of the headrest.

How memory foam car headrest works in traffic accidents

Data shows that 70% of drivers have cervical spine disease, and JYM car headrest can effectively relieve the pressure on the neck, thus reducing the occurrence of cervical spondylosis disease. Even at a speed of only 10km per hour, the necks of the driver and passenger in the passenger seat are vulnerable to injury without the protection of a car headrest. Data analysis shows that whiplash damage is the most common injury in traffic accident injuries. The data also shows that in 26 percent of rear-end accidents, drivers suffered head and neck injuries. In the same cases, 40% fewer injuries were sustained if they had proper use of the car headrest. In the incident of a traffic crash the enormous force and force of the collision are transferred to the body, and the delicate and thin neck is the most thin part that is the spinal column. This means that the spine can be damaged, causing neurological issues and, in extreme cases the possibility of paralysis or life-threatening injuries.Inertia in a rear-end collision makes the neck sit back and there is no support without a headrest. Under the protection of the car headrest, it can effectively cushion the huge instant impact when the accident occurs, protect the fragile neck, and reduce the risk of neck injury.

It is worth proposing that the car headrest must be more than 12cm thickness, and soft and slow resilience of good memory foam headrest to play a role in traffic accidents

How to choose the right memory foam car headrest?

1. Material: the material of the car headrest must be comfortable. Softness and breath ability, and can effectively relieve cervical fatigue during driving.
2. Design: to comply with the ergonomic design, arc as much as possible with the human body completely flattering.
3.Appearance: the best choice of fabrics with excellent dustproof performance, high cleanliness, will not fade. Easy to clean fabrics can make the change more hassle-free.
3. Type: some headrests will be designed according to the height of different ways of adjustment, some non-adjustable headrests, to choose a more suitable for their headrests and correct installation.
4. Merchant: high product sales, good credit store its quality and after-sales more secure!

How to correctly use the memory foam car headrest

1. Correctly adjust the angle between the body and the seat, so that the back is as upright as possible. The angle between the neck and the body tends to flatten, can reduce the degree of injury when collision.
2. The smaller the distance between the back of the head and the headrest, the better, the best not more than 10 centimeters. In this way, the collision can play a cushioning effect on the neck.
3. Because the height of the occupants are different, so the adjustment range of the headrest is also different. Depending on the specific circumstances of the adjustment.
4. Correctly adjust the height of the headrest. The headrest should be installed at least parallel to the upper edge of the ear or about 8.89 centimeters below the occupant's head. After the headrest is adjusted, firmly fix the headrest so that the headrest does not shake.
5. The protective effect of fixed head restraints is much higher than adjustable head restraints.
6. The best car rear seats also installed headrests.
7. In vehicle collision accidents, women are more likely than men to suffer head and neck injuries 1.8 ~ 2.2 times. Therefore, women driving should pay more attention to adjust the height of the car headrest, and the body as far as possible to lean forward.

Under the same conditions, the use of good quality head restraints is 24% lower than the use of poor quality head restraints in the probability of neck injury in rear-end accidents, so it is very important to correctly install high-quality automotive head restraints.


This paper discusses the definition and characteristics of memory foam car headrests and his importance in traffic accidents. Additionally, it gives suggestions for choosing the appropriate seat for your car with memory foam, and how to utilize these headrests made of memory foam in a safe way. We hope that, through reading this post, the readers will recognize how important car headrests are, and also choose and use the headrests for cars, thereby decreasing the risk to human bodies from collisions during car accidents.