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Four Season Gel Ice Cushion:QFC102

Model NumberQFC102Product Net Weight1500g
Product Specification48.5cm×46cm×2.5cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverLycra fabricColorBlue, Black, Pink
Core MaterialGel+Memory FoamPackingOpp Bag


We’ve introduced a revolutionary gel ice cushion that is designed to grant supreme cool and comfort. These are its main features:
1.Polymer, Physical Cooling Cool Comfort: The cushion is composed from polymer and offers excellent cooling properties. It absorbs heat and disperses heat rapidly and keeps you cool and comfortable even in scorching temperatures. In comparison to traditional products, polymer offers an increased cooling impact and gives you a lasting cooling sensation.
2.3D Columns to Support Q-Bounce: The Gel Ice Cushion is equipped with 3D columns which give outstanding Q-bounce support. The three-dimensional columns are able to efficaciously reduce tension and lessen the impact from sitting for long periods on the body, they also possess an great shock absorption properties in order to assure it is able to offer an enduring and comfy assistance in a variety of conditions, thus reducing the stress on the hips and back.
3.Many ventilation holes that are open for breathing: To increase breathing, the cushion has been constructed with a multitude of open-worked vents. The ventilation holes do not just benefit the circulation of air and eliminate the uncomfortable feeling that comes from long sitting but help to boost the cooling effects. No matter if you’re in office, home, or on the car it will remain airy and dry, ensuring that you feel cool and comfy throughout the day.
This cushion is designed to provide thermal cooling by way of the polymer, the Q-bounce cushion and shock absorption via the three-dimensional 3D column design It also has hundreds of ventilation holes hollowed out to warrant optimal breathability and comfort. It is ideal for hot summer days or in the long hours of work and driving, it will bring the ultimate sitting experience and can be a must-have and comfortable partner in everyday day

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Blue, Black, Pink

Our Benefits:

This Gel Cooling Cushion to be made to offer the ultimate in comfort and relaxation during scorching weather. The benefits of this cushion are as follows:
1.High-end material: This cushion is made from top-quality gel material that will warrant the longevity and ease of use of the item. The superior quality of the raw materials not only provides the cushion a superior cooling function, but provides durability and a long-lasting, comfortable experience over the long run.
2.NON-SLIP BOTTOM DESIGN: Top of the cushion is designed with the exclusive design of non-slip that assures security on all types of. If you place it on a chair or sofa The non-slip bottom definitely stops the cushion from slipping and provides the user with a secure experience.
3.The cushion OFFICE+HOME+CAR is made to serve several purposes and is appropriate to be used in a variety of situations. If you’re working for at a desk for long hours and relaxing at home or driving around in your car it will favor the ultimate level of relaxation. The cushion’s design is portable, allowing users to easily carry it and relax throughout different settings.
4.Ice cooling, say Bye to a stifling driving experience: Gel material provides an outstanding physical cooling impact, delivering immediate ice cooling. Particularly in hot summer and when you drive for an extended period it can definitely lower body temperature, and end the uncomfortable feeling that comes with traditional automobile seats. This means each drive can be an exciting experience.
Made of high-quality raw material and non-slip bottom design various usage options and a great cool effect from the icy cold This gel cushion cooling pad is your excellent alternative for your needs when you are in the heat. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the workplace, at home, or even in your car the cushion provides unparalleled comfort, and makes sure that you remain cool and comfortable in every situation.

Suit For:

1.Office Chairs: The function of office seat cushions at working environments are for them to offer additional assistance and comfort boost the posture of a person sitting, decrease tension, increase ventilation and breathability and benefit improve health, work ease and productivity. The selection of the ideal chair cushion for your office is essential for workers who work in chairs for prolonged durations of time, to minimize discomfort and ensure their health
2.Car Seats: The function of the car seat cushions inside the car is to prepare comfort and support. They increase the posture of a seat, decrease tension, rise ventilation and breathability and benefit to secure the seat to ensure safety and comfort.
3.Wheelchairs: The function of wheelchair cushion for wheelchairs is to prepare comfort and support. They also increase the posture of the user, decrease stress, boost ventilation and breathability and boost mobility. Selecting the best seat cushion is essential for the health and comfort of the wheelchair user. decreasing pain in the body, preventing pressure ulcers and enhancing living quality for the person with it.
4.Gaming: The purpose of a gaming chair’s seat cushion for the usage of a Gaming chair’s purpose is to grant comfort and support, boost sitting posture, decrease the pressure on your body, rise ventilation and enhance the experience of gaming. The selection of the best seat cushion is essential to the gaming experience and comfort of players, decreasing the discomfort, enhancing concentration and making gaming more enjoyable for gamers
5.Dining Chairs: The purpose of cushions for seats on chairs and tables are to impart the user with a comfortable and supportive environment, increase the posture of sitting, increase the experience, enhance aesthetics and also protect the chair. The selection of the best cushion for your seat is crucial to warrant comfort at the table and a beautiful home decor. They will boost the dining experience and provide the experience to its the guests.


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