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The new 7D cotton equivalent pillow long strip pillow core sleep soothing pillow

Model NumberJYM080Product Net Weight1KG
Product Specification50*160cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverPolyester FiberColorWhite
Core MaterialCottonPackingCustomization


The body pillow has the subsequent design features:

Medium peak: the length of the equivalent pillow is same to the height of someone, which is designed to allow the consumer to preserve it in a complete frame stretch, providing full body aid and comfort. Whether you are snoozing to your side or again, it presents incredible help and in shape to assist enhance the nice of your sleep.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: High-first-class and light-weight filling materials are selected so that the equivalent pillow affords a gentle touch with out being overly heavy, making it clean for the consumer to adjust their function during sleep. The floor cloth is smooth and skin-friendly, ensuring that no excessive warmth buildup occurs at some stage in use, keeping the dozing surroundings clean and snug.

EASY TO REMOVE AND CLEAN: Designed with the consumer’s day by day cleansing wishes in thoughts, the equivalent pillow is prepared with a detachable jacket. The jacket is designed with a durable zipper for smooth removal and set up. Users can effortlessly do away with the jacket for cleaning to hold the pillow hygienic and clean, prolonging its service lifestyles.

With the above design functions, this body pillow not simplest provides the ultimate comfort enjoy, however additionally facilitates day by day care and renovation, making it appropriate for customers with diverse sleep desires.

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Our Benefits:

This body pillow (body pillow) has the following advantages:

Cotton fabric:

COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE: Made of high quality cotton fabric, it has good breathability and moisture absorption, ensuring users stay dry and comfortable during use.
SKIN-FRIENDLY AND SOFT: Cotton fabric is soft and skin-friendly, suitable for all skin types, especially friendly to sensitive skin, providing a comfortable touch.
DURABLE: Cotton fabric is not only comfortable, but also has good durability and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring that it remains in good condition after long periods of use.
removable and washable jacket:

EASY TO CLEAN: The pillow is designed with a removable jacket with a durable zipper for easy removal and installation.
EASY MAINTENANCE: The removable and washable jacket design allows users to wash it at any time, keeping the pillow clean and hygienic and prolonging its service life.
MULTIPLE CHOICES: Users can choose different colors and patterns of the jacket according to their preference, adding personalized experience and aesthetics.

High-quality materials: while ensuring the use of high-quality materials and quality workmanship, reasonable cost control makes this pillow extremely cost-effective in the market.
Affordable: Users can get a high-quality product that combines comfort, practicality and durability at a reasonable price, which is a very cost-effective choice for both self-use and gift-giving.
Multi-functional use: this pillow is not only suitable for sleeping, but can also provide support in a variety of scenarios such as reading, watching TV, working, etc., which makes it a great value for money.
To summarize, this body pillow not only provides an excellent use experience but also features affordability through its high quality cotton fabric, removable and washable jacket and high cost performance, making it a recommendable and quality product.
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Suit For:

This frame pillow is particularly suitable for the subsequent 3 styles of customers:

Pregnant women:

FULL BODY SUPPORT: Pregnant ladies need greater body help throughout pregnancy, the full frame period layout of this pillow can successfully guide pregnant ladies’s stomach, waist and legs, assisting to lessen the weight at the frame and alleviate the pain of being pregnant.

Comfort: The gentle skin-friendly cloth ensures that pregnant ladies experience maximum comfort in the course of use, supporting to improve sleep pleasant and decrease the variety of times they roll over.

SAFETY: The layout of the pillow takes under consideration the special wishes of pregnant ladies and ensures that it does no longer compress the abdomen, presenting a secure and reliable revel in.

People who choose to sleep on their side:

ERGONOMICAL: Designed for facet sleepers, this pillow affords full assist for the top, neck, shoulders and knees even as lying in your aspect, maintaining the backbone naturally aligned.

REDUCES PRESSURE POINTS: By spreading out the frame’s strain factors, this pillow efficaciously reduces stress whilst dozing in your aspect, stopping numbness and soreness in your legs and arms from prolonged facet napping.

ENHANCES SLEEP QUALITY: Using this pillow can help aspect sleepers preserve a cushty and healthy drowsing position, thus enhancing the overall fine of sleep.


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