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Cool Bamboo Mat Car Lumbar Support + Cushion: QFC101

Model NumberQFC101Product Net Weight500g
Product Specification45×45×1cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverBambooColorYellow, Gray
Core MaterialBambooPackingOpp Bag


Our latest and most fresh Cool Bamboo Mat cushion+Lumbar Support is perfect for summer sitting. Here are some of the highlights:
1.Fresh The Bamboo Mat Raw Material: The cushion+Lumbar Support is constructed of top quality natural bamboo mat for the primary material. Bamboo mats possess natural cooling properties, and they can definitely absorb heat, which allows you to enjoy a cool and comfortable sitting experience during the summer heat. Bamboo mats are environmentally friendly and safe, with no smell, and can prepare users with a secure user experience.
2.Bamboo mat particles, soft and breathable: The top of the Cool Bamboo Mat cushion+Lumbar Support is constructed with clear bamboo mats, which could grant a gentle massage effect as well as rise blood circulation and increase breathability at same at the same time. The spaces between Bamboo mat’s particles benefit to circulate air and reduce the feeling of being stuffy after sitting for long periods of time making you feel cool and comfortable throughout the day.
3.Washable and portable for simplicity of use: The cushion+Lumbar Support has been made to be light and simple to transport. It can be used in the office, home or take it out to use, it’s extremely practical. Additionally it is washable which means you can take it apart and clean it up to keep the cushion clean and fresh, giving you the longest-lasting comfort.
The bamboo seat cushion+Lumbar Support does not just focus on breathability and comfort with regard to material and design, it also is mindful of the benefits of portability as well as being easy to clean and easy to clean, making it an essential seating partner for your summer. If you’re in your office or enjoying the in the outdoors, it will offer you a unique cool experience that will make every sitting down to eat a pleasant experience.

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Gray, Yellow

Our Benefits:

Our new and modern bamboo seat cushion+Lumbar Support gives the most comfortable and luxurious comfort, particularly in the summer months. These are the main benefits:
1.TOP QUALITY BAMBOO MATERIAL Raw material: The cushion+Lumbar Support is constructed from a high-quality bamboo mats as the principal material. Bamboo mats are extremely cooling properties, which benefit to disperse heat rapidly, making sure that you stay cool even in the hottest temperatures. Bamboo is not only sustainable and safe but it’s also extremely sturdy and can be used for a long period of time.
2.A variety of colors to pick from: To meet the needs of each customers, we offer an array of colors to choose from. Whether you are looking for traditional natural tones or trendy and fashionable shades, we have the perfect one. The wide range of colors make this cushion not just practical but also a vibrant accent to the office or at home.
3.Superior Production Technology: The bamboo cushion+Lumbar Support is constructed together the latest production techniques to warrant that each and every element is flawless. The bamboo mat is made with exceptional craftsmanship and clear the granularity that improves the airflow and gives a gentle massage effect that helps improve blood circulation. The high-quality workmanship guarantees the longevity and comfortableness of the cushion making it possible to utilize it for a long duration without damage or deformation.
The bamboo cushion+Lumbar Support that is refreshing does not just focus on excellence in its selection of materials and the craftsmanship it also comes with an array of colors to meet the requirements of various users. If you are together it at your home, at work or out in the outdoors the cushion+Lumbar Suppor is sure to give users with a comfortable, cool and fashionable experience. Select this cushion+Lumbar Support made of bamboo to make your day more enjoyable and relaxing.

Suit For:

1.Office Chair: The purpose of lumbar cushioning in office chairs is to provide extra help to boost sitting posture and lessen the lumbar strain and discomfort in addition to giving extra comfort to ensure an appropriate and healthy posture throughout the office day.
2.Gaming chair: The purpose of lumbar cushions on gaming chairs is to provide extra help to boost the posture of a person sitting and decrease back pain and pressure and also giving more comfort to ensure that gamers are at ease and well-maintained throughout long gaming sessions.
3.Drivers: The purpose of the lumbar cushion inside the driver’s seat is primarily in providing more cushioning to increase the driving posture and decrease back pain and lumbar pressure and also giving extra comfort to warrant that the driver is sitting well and healthy throughout long drives


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