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Cross-border entity amazon supply maternity pillow side sleeper removable crystal velvet G-shaped lumbar support pillow

Model NumberJYM082Product Net Weight3KG
Product Specification41cm * 31cm * 17cmHardnessNormal
Outer CoverCottonColorYellow, Gray
Core MaterialPolyester FiberPackingCustomization


The design features of this body pillow are as follows:

J-shaped design:

MULTIFUNCTIONAL SUPPORT: The J-shaped design provides full support for the head, neck, shoulders, back and legs. The unique shape allows users to use it in a variety of positions to meet the needs of different sleeping positions.

Side Sleeping Comfort: The J-shaped design is especially suited for side sleepers, helping to maintain the natural alignment of the spine and reduce pressure on the body by placing one end underneath the head and neck, and bending the other end to support the back and legs.

FLEXIBLE USE: The J-shaped lumbar support pillow is not only suitable for sleeping, but also provides comfortable support while reading, watching TV or resting, and is also suitable for use as a maternity pillow to help alleviate pregnancy discomforts.
padded lumbar design:

LUMBAR SUPPORT PILLOW: The padded lumbar design is designed to provide extra lumbar support, which can effectively relieve lumbar discomfort caused by sedentary or poor sleeping posture. Both pregnant women and users with lumbar problems can benefit.

COMFORTABLE FIT: The ergonomic padded lumbar design hugs the curve of the lumbar region, providing soft but strong support, helping to maintain the natural curve of the lumbar region and reducing lumbar stress.

MULTIPLE USES: The lumbar cushion design not only provides support while sleeping, but is also suitable for use while seated, such as in an office chair or car seat, to help maintain proper sitting posture and prevent lumbar fatigue.

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Gray, Yellow

Our Benefits:

This frame pillow offers the following benefits:

Cost-effective: this pillow makes a speciality of fee manage in its design and material choice with out sacrificing first-class. Users can get a extremely good product at an inexpensive rate, which makes it very fee-effective within the marketplace. It is a totally value-powerful desire for personal purchase or as a present.

COMPRESSED SHIPPING: The pillow can be compressed and packaged, which greatly reduces the delivery volume. This layout no longer best reduces logistics prices, however also makes the product greater convenient and environmentally friendly throughout transportation. At the same time, after receiving the product, customers can restore the original shape of the pillow with easy operation, that is convenient to apply.

MEETING DIFFERENT USER GROUPS: As this pillow has been designed with distinct consumer desires in thoughts, each adults and teens, men and women can advantage from it. It is suitable for users of all frame types and dozing behavior, and may be used not only at home, but also in quite a few scenarios, together with visiting or office, definitely multi-useful and all-round to meet the needs of users.

To sum up, this body pillow now not only offers price-powerful and handy transportation, however additionally widely meets the needs of different consumer corporations, making it a enormously competitive and awesome product.

Suit For:

This frame pillow is particularly suitable for the subsequent 3 styles of customers:

Pregnant women:

FULL BODY SUPPORT: Pregnant ladies need greater body help throughout pregnancy, the full frame period layout of this pillow can successfully guide pregnant ladies’s stomach, waist and legs, assisting to lessen the weight at the frame and alleviate the pain of being pregnant.

Comfort: The gentle skin-friendly cloth ensures that pregnant ladies experience maximum comfort in the course of use, supporting to improve sleep pleasant and decrease the variety of times they roll over.

SAFETY: The layout of the pillow takes under consideration the special wishes of pregnant ladies and ensures that it does no longer compress the abdomen, presenting a secure and reliable revel in.

People who choose to sleep on their side:

ERGONOMICAL: Designed for facet sleepers, this pillow affords full assist for the top, neck, shoulders and knees even as lying in your aspect, maintaining the backbone naturally aligned.

REDUCES PRESSURE POINTS: By spreading out the frame’s strain factors, this pillow efficaciously reduces stress whilst dozing in your aspect, stopping numbness and soreness in your legs and arms from prolonged facet napping.

ENHANCES SLEEP QUALITY: Using this pillow can help aspect sleepers preserve a cushty and healthy drowsing position, thus enhancing the overall fine of sleep.


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